I love social media, don’t get me wrong, I love blogging too, but I LOVE social media and sharing images on Facebook, Instagram and other locations.

However the problem with social media is that once you upload content to Facebook and Instagram, they now own that content. And the more time you spend creating your profiles and growing them, the more time you spend growing Instagram and Facebook; but not yourself.

Facebook usage is currently in a downward spiral; even though they own Instagram and WhatsApp, less and less people are using Facebook.

So what happens when Facebook or Instagram follow the same path as MySpace? What happens when they are no longer the main outlets for social media communication and all the time you spent building up your Instagram profile has to be refocused on another network? Pinterest, Snap or Tiktok perhaps? Or something else totally new.

mommy blog

Instead of uploading all of your images and photos on Facebook and kissing them goodbye, I prefer to build a centralized hub to host my pics, content, writing and thoughts. And if anything should ever happen to my beloved Facebook or Instagram accounts, that’s ok, because in the end instead of using those profiles as the only place to market, instead I use them to syndicate content from my own blog.

So if something new pops up on the scene, I’ll always be able to share or market to that network from my hub of a blog.

Furthermore, Google does not drive traffic to Facebook or Instagram … and if you want to get your content in front of an unlimited supply of real targeted traffic and not just Likes or Follows, then you must consider Google too. Launching a blog and using simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques is a great way to do so. And over time, the more you write the more real estate in Google your blog will obtain, leading to an even larger following … and don’t forget Google Image Search!

But before we get into Google and other outlets to market your brand and your site or blog … let’s begin back at the beginning; how do I launch a mommy blog?


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