I am happy to announce that my After40mommy blog turned 6 months old this March as I started blogging in October of last year!

It’s been six months of constant learning, experimenting with different ideas, implementing ideas in reality, and just having so much fun in a topic that I love. I also love inspiring people and friends when I write about what I value the most in my life: Inspiring women over 40, encouraging mommies After 40 and sharing my life as an everyday example is a great way to help, support and motivate us to become better, stronger and happier in life.

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How did I ever get here?

Let’s go back to 2009. I was living in Tampa, FL and in college studying MCDA (Microsoft Certified Database Administration). Moving from Russia to United States in 2001 without much knowledge of the English language, I strongly decided to learn the language in order to obtain a valuable education & degree that will help me to succeed in this country. It took me nearly 2.5 years to finish English as a Second Language classes and then another 3.5 years to graduate as MCDA.

After graduation I worked for a large search marketing agency in St Pete, FL and while doing so I also started working with my husband on several blogs, SEO and also doing WordPress management for clients. I even launched a fitness blog in 2009 as a side project because I wanted to eventually transition from IT to publishing. This all kind of changed though once Gordon was born.

After my son was born, I decided to become a full time mommy to be closer to my son and family. I did not enjoy the pregnancy period (I was 36 and it was tough), but I enjoyed being a new mom and implementing my parenting ideas into a meaningful future.

This included exploring the Kumon program for my son in order to develop his early reading & math skills, introducing him to the world of swimming (at 13 months old) to help him grow healthy and strong … etc, and I have never slowed down with this goal of developing my boy.

All these experiences and knowledge assisted me to start blogging again at After40Mommy and it became a great decision. Before I finalize my topic, women and mommies over 40, I asked myself “what is so significant and meaningful in my life”.


The response came quickly in my brain. It is so important to be passionate about your topic matter and love what you want to tell your story. In my case, the topic is my life as a mommy and being a woman over 40 who wants to reveal my motherhood, parenting and being a beautiful woman (on the inside and outside) to motivate or even inspire other women to find their sense and true self.



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