The right choice of whole grain cereal and your choice of milk can make the healthiest breakfast for your kids. There are so many kinds of cereal we see at the store every day. The bright, colorful boxes with funny slogans can confuse our choices.

This cold breakfast cereal can be a good choice for a healthy breakfast and a great engine for their energy during class. When I go to the store, I choose cereals for my son carefully. When I read the ingredients list, I am careful with unfamiliar ingredients. It makes a big difference when you question unknown food elements.

Well, You Only Need

Your favorite whole grain cereal

And almond milk

I use almond milk instead of dairy milk because my son always disliked cow milk, and I introduced him to almond milk. I have never regretted it.

First of all, almond milk is low in calories (if it is unsweetened). It’s also free of cholesterol, saturated fat, and is naturally lactose free.


There are so many benefits for kids:

  1. Strengthens bones
  2. Good for skin
  3. Increases muscle strength
  4. Guarantees healthy digestion
  5. Develops good memory

It seems like making breakfast takes time, but it does not. It just takes a little effort and desire to raise our kids healthily.


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