In my previous post, I wrote about why I decided to switch from coffee to tea. Also, I wrote that changing my coffee habit gave me extra beneficial points to my daily routine. During my transformation, I still have been trying to figure out what the best hot beverage is I need to have to stay healthy and energetic. I have been looking for tea that contains more health benefits and more antioxidants than regular tea. I have been looking for a hot beverage that can build a stronger immune system, reduce body fat, and turn my energy on.

Matcha.Me introduced me to their amazing Vitality Matcha Green Tea that so perfectly fits into my daily routine and helps me to stay focused and boosts my well-being. Now you are probably wondering, how is Matcha different than regular green tea? What is Matcha? Is it good for me? And what kind of benefits does this green tea with an unusual name like Matcha contain?

So, before I go overal Matcha.Me, I want to tell you what the great benefits I discover drinking Matcha Tea. 


What Are the Great Benefits of Drinking Matcha Tea?

I asked myself why I want to drink Matcha tea. What kind of a purpose is there in drinking this Japanese beverage? My opinion is:

Matcha is a great way to support brain health

Matcha supports heart health

Matcha increases performance, memory, and attention

Matcha helps to burn more fat and enhances metabolism

Matcha improves mood and mental focus

Matcha assists in detoxification

All of these are great reasons to enjoy Matcha, and it was perfect timing for Matcha.Me to send me their samples of their stone ground Ceremonial Grade Matcha, organically grown in Japan.


Where Does Matcha Come From? And What Is the Process of Making Matcha?

So I want to tell you quickly where Matcha came from and what is so special about this beverage. Matcha is grown in Japan, and this green tea is one of the unique flavors of Japan. The Matcha process has an interesting beginning. It starts while the green leaves are still growing. During its growth, the plant bushes are shaded before harvesting.

This process is significant and meaningful because the goal is to increase chlorophyll and amino acid content and improve the appearance and flavor of the tea. That’s why, when we drink this unique tea, its color is brilliant green. After harvesting the leaves, the process of making Matcha is simple: the leaves are steamed, dried, and blended. It turns into a fine powder, and you mix it with hot or cold water.

matcha from Japan

What Does Matcha Taste Like?

Matcha is not only beneficial for the mind and body, but it tastes great too.

I have noticed that many people have an incorrect understanding of what Matcha tea tastes like. Usually, in many bakeries and cafes or other places, they make Matcha tea from sweetened premixes.

Remember: Good Matcha has a brilliant green color and soft, airy foam with small bubbles. After drinking Matcha tea, you should have a sweet aftertaste.

Note: If your Matcha is too bitter, you are drinking a bad quality Matcha tea.


How Do You Choose a Good Matcha Tea?

Now I want to discuss how you know which Matcha is a good one to choose and drink. I always think logically. As I’ve mentioned before, the process of making Matcha tea comes from when the plant is still growing. And before harvesting, plants are shaded in order to improve appearance, produce great amino acid content, and improve the flavor of the tea. So in this case:



And the Appearance

are very significant aspects when you evaluate Matcha quality.


When Should You Drink Matcha Tea?

Everybody is different, and due to its caffeine content, I prefer to drink Matcha in the afternoon, when I need an additional kick to get through the day! Some people prefer to have this beverage early in the morning as well. 

After all, Matcha tea is a great experience, and the healthy beverage taught me to appreciate its rich flavor, brilliant green color, and high quality of beneficial elements.


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