“I love fashion. I am a crazy fashionista and love luxury brands.”

This is my quote from the Sunday Signal. I was interviewed by Martha Garcia about The RealReal, run by Julie Wainwright, which is well known for authenticated luxury consignment.

In this article, I will reveal a story about how I do smart shopping, by defining the right budget and recycling luxuries every few years.



I remember 7 years ago, I was shopping online for a dress and my eyes glimpsed The RealReal for the first time. I clicked on a link to learn more about this company. Online shopping has been one of my favorite strategies for years to find great deals on authentic, stylish pieces.

Flash sale sites such as Gilt, Rue La La, HauteLook, The Outnet, and many others have been my girlfriends for years. I barely go to the mall because online shopping saves me time and assists me in finding my favorite brands. Moreover, the return process is as easy as shopping itself.

There has been an explosion of luxury consignment and discount designers these days. The opening of The RealReal boutique became a sensational event in Los Angeles. Driving down Melrose Avenue, I was amazed and did not expect to see so many fashionistas, who came to celebrate a new revolution of fashion. Veuve Clicquot bubbly met me at the entrance and modern music escorted me to observe Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and many other luxurious brands.

What is The RealReal and Why Do People Love Shopping There?

The RealReal is one of the hugest ecommerce sites right now, growing so quickly and rapidly. They are a service organization that comes to your house and helps you clean out your closet to consign.

Moreover, The RealReal differs from any local consignment stores. The key to their success is embracing authentic luxury goods in excellent condition and at a low budget with a lot of buyers. By a lot, I mean the entire US and buyers from other countries, as well.

Luxury goods sales have been growing every year, and demand is very high. So people like the fact that they can go online and find real luxury attire from a trusted company. And that demand helps them sell consignment fashion faster.

“If this company did not have all these amazing things, nobody would care about sustainability,” said CEO Julie Wainwright in her interview with Dan Schulman of Never Stand Still. “That’s why it is good to have a company like The RealReal in a market.”

It is even a service organization company. Many people like to consign in a store. They do not want anybody to come to their house, so these two great stores in NYC and LA are a great start to communicate with the consumers, build trust, and amplify the brand. How many online apps and fashion sites have flagship locations in major cities? Not many. This really sets The RealReal apart.


Another reason why it is a great way to invest in sustainable beauties is because we can recirculate well made items in a couple of years. New thinking in fashion is a very significant key of success. It still holds value. Instead of tossing it, we can resell it, and this whirlpool scenario is very good for the planet. Plus, I’d rather sell a dress that’s been sitting in my closet for years and reinvest that money into something new and lively.

Dolce & Gabbana is one of my favorite designers. This brand is famous for its luxurious style and expensive price that not everybody can afford. The RealReal helped me to find an amazing Green Banana Leaves dress for an Easter brunch. I really enjoy The RealReal because they feature a lot of unworn or brand new (practically new) and recent seasonal items for lower prices. They even have shoes and accessories. I also like that they have a store nearby where I can test and hold items, and their fashion experts review items for me.

Personally for me, I shop there for these specific reasons: price, quality, and brand. I search only for my fave brands’ collections, such as Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Fendi products made from 2010 to 2017 (so they are more recent). Also, I always check the condition of the item. If the status says pristine, excellent, no sign of wearing, or very good with little fainting details, then I purchase the item.

In my opinion, most luxurious brands are made from high quality material and last longer, especially if you take care of them. That’s why people are still in love with Chanel, Dior, and other luxurious brands after all of these years. Plus, if I ever get tired of a dress or something, I can sell it for almost as much as I paid for it. It is very good to keep all these beauties in circulation.



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