Spring is here! Next, summer is coming. I love these two miracle seasons of nature. Nature really wakes up from chilly rainy days, and I feel a new power and strength in my soul. I am grateful to God that I can really appreciate all the beauty around me and create my perspective on fashion, family, travel, and self-expression. My purpose is to open something innovative and modern in the world that will inspire me and fulfil my heart with new excitement.

As any human being, I have ups and downs that come into my life unexpectedly and go away with time when I am ready to move on. Do I move on quickly? No. Do I properly regulate my inner emotions? No. Do I always strongly hold back my tears? No. However, I try not to hold inconvenient situations inside of my self-awareness. I do not look for support, understanding, or consolation from others. I usually peer into my central core from the inside to comprehend what I really deserve and what is possibly capable to change, whether career or lifestyle.

When I go to have a cup of coffee or meet other people when I travel, sometimes I can see their inside disbalance that we all have from time to time. Every fellow human can go through an emotional disbalance of life. It is normal and a part of our living.

When I do not feel my pulse and my temperature is too cool, I desperately seek a way to get my blood pumping to take control of the situation. I ask myself why my inner emotions often arise like blood pressure? I would love to have a button in my body to turn off my human feelings to forget about it. Right?

Again, I go and peer in my central core from the inside and what I usually find is inequality of outlook and ethics with the situation I am in. When people are looking for someone to blame, it is the first big disbalance that most of us fall into. Our downfall often comes with our fears, low self-esteem, and even from greatness. We all have been in a condition when there is not enough air to breathe or not enough strength to walk.

I do not wait for a green path to spread in front of my feet. I do not wait for this button to exist as a suggestion to forget the situation. But how to break these painful emotions? What I usually do is the following.

thoughts of emotions

Accepting Emotions

I cannot avoid my feelings or the situation I am in. So I can only change my attitude, accept the reality, and approach my ultimate goals and condition I want to be in soon. So when I am confused with my current feelings and emotions, first what I do is rewind and back up the whole situation and ask myself where does it hurt the most? What aspect of the situation brings downfall to my heart?

Just recently, I experienced emotional disbalance that I had to divide into pieces to really comprehend the truth. When I questioned my emotions, suddenly I identified the truth and the particular situation was solved and understood.

The Truth!

This quality finally lowered my emotional intensity and assisted me to look at my situation without rose-colored glasses. What I thought was valuable turned into ashes. Identifying the truth can be hurtful and even bring disappointment.

Situations can have various reasons for emotional disbalance: marriage, friendship, relationship, or career-wise. However, ironically, when I revealed my truth to myself, it gave me the benefit of my confused emotions, helped me to set up a new path of values in the future, taught me a lesson from emotions, and gave me a new outlook to eliminate the pain more quickly.

accept emotions

Appreciating Emotions Because It Is Fantastic to Have Them

Never ever be ashamed of your emotions. Be grateful and thankful that you have this spiritual gift to share, explore, and demonstrate. They are a significant part of our lives. We all have emotions. Remember that!

I trust my emotions in an appropriate way. Even if I do not feel right and understood by people, I’m still happy that my emotions are a part of my brain that help me to have honest communication between myself and people. Ironically, it even assists in producing a positive change upon final resolution to move on with a clear mind forward.

Having emotions is not wrong. It is a human quality that half of the population is afraid of showing because of personal insecurities. The other half of humans prefer to move forward with the self-awareness and truth.

Recently, I had a great conversation with one of my closest friends. She is going through a hard heartbreak. Sometimes, revealing emotions can be a hard thing to explore when you know that your feelings and emotions won’t be greeted and interpreted properly by certain people, not because of your honest communication or you do something wrong, because it’s more convenient and suitable for the other person in this case.

Sometimes it hurts because of feelings left out, ignored, or passed by. However, sometimes these problems are just part of a larger unhealthy relationship, whether with a lover, friend, or family member. Sometimes, as individuals, we continue to push to maintain this relationship even though it is unhealthy and honestly a breaking point of hurt feelings.

You may feel someone doing something bad to you is honestly a blessing, because you finally realize the pain that the entire relationship is inflicting upon you. It takes some crying to do or some hurt to get used to, but afterwards, your eyes can open to the realization that it is great to have emotions in order to move on.


Bringing Confidence Is the Best Solution

Confidence is always a great key to restoring your feelings and regulating your emotions. I will be honest, I am like any of you and can have pain for some time, but I always face toward my confidence as soon as possible; I would like to say immediately. We all have ups and downs in certain periods of our lives, and if we look in the past, we all successfully handled our emotional feelings before, right? I am not an exception, either.

When I look back and feel those emotional breakdowns from the past, I observe my experience and the proper steps that helped me rise again to be stronger. I might not see my growth then, but when the time passed by, and my past challenges became small and invisible, I realized that I had a strength to handle emotional disbalance. So it means I can handle it again today, as well, even more in positive way because I’ve already had the experience.

Let’s embrace and accept the emotions in order to plant in your home more potential emotions that will bring their highest harvest in the future. Learning the ability to handle pain, falls, and disappointments will bring life for your new emotional seeds: love and warmth, appreciation and thankfulness, and confidence and cheerfulness. Just do not stop hoping, believe and live your life, healthy and happy.



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