On one spontaneous day, my family decided to drive to the hectic city. Sometimes we love to run away from quiet Santa Clarita and dive into the LA crowd for a moment. There are so many diverse places here that can fill you over the top with interests and curiosity. The city is full of incredible sights and scenes, casual and fancy restaurants. And the olive greenish city always pleases us with its hospitality and open-armed welcome.  

Lobby Entrance

Last year the beautiful Waldorf Astoria hotel was opened in the heart of Beverly Hills, and my family has wanted to visit and enjoy its warm energy and spirit ever since. Entering into the world of Waldorf Astoria was an amazing and breathtaking experience. The luxurious, French-style chandelier hangs gracefully in the middle of the lavish lobby. Lush decor, sets of fresh flowers, and the aromatic smell of rich candles make the atmosphere exceptional. We were amazed because each element of the hotel is richly designed and decorated.

 Everything is set for a relaxing retreat. Smooth jazz music touches everybody’s heart and brings that amazing sense of staycation for those arriving. We loved walking through the lobby and observing each space down to its corners. Truly, my family loves beautiful and high-quality places where we are able to relax, forget about daily issues, and just enjoy the luxurious moment.

astoria lobby

The Rooftop by JG

We took an elevator to the thirteenth floor to see the restaurant, Rooftop by JG. When we entered the Rooftop area, the breathtaking greenish view of beautiful Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills lay in front us in 360 degrees. We were stunned and speechless for a moment. The blue sky was hanging out above us and sunny rays were freely amusing us. Throwing a wide glance from side to side, my son could barely say his, “WOW!”

Our curiosity led us through the Rooftop path to the restaurant, where so many people were drinking at the bar and chatting with each other. I can definitely say the food here is fabulous. Waitresses were running around and serving everything from burgers to tacos, salads, appetizers, and yummy snacks. The soft sofas and cozy seats at the tables are conveniently located. Everything is creative and comfortable, but we could not stay because it was reserved for a private party.

We decided to go downstairs and dine at Jean-Georges Beverly Hills. Walking back to the elevator through the Rooftop path, many beautiful and happy people continued to come and look at the incredible view, shouting their own WOW. The sun was about to set, and we were ready to enjoy our dinner.


Jean-Georges Beverly Hills Restaurant  

 Jean-Georges greeted us warmly. The luxurious ambience promised to be amazing and exceptional. The entire restaurant is so spacious with a high ceiling above you. The bar area is well designed and lined with nice, comfy booths. The bar area gradually merges with the outside part, and a great patio rises up in front of us with a calming fountain. Classic piano music greeted us, as a pianist played a famous masterpiece. I glanced around quickly and noticed a spacious dining area where guests can have an amazing dinner with friends or family.


We decided to land in the bar area and chose a central table to be next to the pianist. We ordered an egg caviar with softly scrambled organic egg and vodka whipped cream. It was so tasty! In addition, we enjoyed truffle and avocado pizza, and sparkling champagne emphasized the taste profoundly.

Their kids menu was impressive too. My son loved his fluffy french fries with tender chicken strips, and his creamy penne pasta was just as tasty as the rest of our food. The classical music was flying around, people were enjoying a quiet evening, and my family seemed relaxed and satisfied with our dinner and location choice.  


Our spontaneous journey was coming to an end. I can say bravely, being a busy family at work, school, or home duties, we often forget to treat ourselves. As any other busy family, we need to have a diverse change. It could be a nice dinner or a staycation trip for a couple days. We need to learn how to invest useful energy into the family, discuss ideas openly, and turn it into a spontaneous trip or evening. Life is about living, not just existing.



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