I love wine! I love everything that I can pair with wine: cheese, fruits, music, and the great company of friends. I love wine because of its perfect balance between relaxing, tasting, enjoying, and celebrating life. I live in California, a place of endless love for exquisite wine, climate, and the land of infinite grapes that always attract us.

My husband and I are wine lovers. Living in Southern California it is a shame not to fall in love with exquisite sort of grapes that are growing under California’s blue sky. And once upon a time, my family and friends decided to drive to Agua Dulce through amazing country roads lined with vineyards.

Even though the weather was gloomy and rainy, we all were in great spirits to visit Agua Dulce Winery for its wine tasting and tour and to see its famous gourmet gift shop. Agua Dulce is not far away from Santa Clarita, and it took us 45 minutes to get there.

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If you have never heard about this amazing winery, I would like to tell you more about it. Agua Dulce Winery has earned the honor of being Los Angeles County’s leading fine wine grape grower. Wines from Agua Dulce Winery have won multiple medals in several national wine competitions. Their vineyard is blessed with natural soil, climatic, and geographic advantages.

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Before we traveled to Agua Dulce Winery, I decided to indulge my friends with my famous masterpiece: the cheeseboard. Cheeseboards are always fun to have and express a great love for celebrating wine. I cannot even imagine not sharing my masterpiece with the friends and people who make us happy while wine tasting. On my cheeseboard, I tried to have the best of everything: savory cheese, different kinds of salami and homemade baked chicken roller, homemade caramelized walnuts and almonds, crunchy crackers, sweet fat blueberries, and large succulent red strawberries.

My amazing delicious mix of the best of the best was an incredible success at Agua Dulce. We all were happy to share laughs, my cheeseboard, and flowing energy. We also made more friends during our wine tasting, and believe me, the wine was divine and spectacular.

Also, every time I go to wine country, I make sure that my fashion ensemble complements the wine tasting room in style. To me, wine and fashion are two besties and always complete each other in many ways.


One of my favorite wines is the 2011 Agua Dulce Winery Reserve Zinfandel.

This zinfandel has the overwhelming aromas of red cherries with a hint of toasted oak. Light and fruit forward, it’s a perfect choice for any occasion: casual BBQ ribs or fancy duck confit. So my homemade chicken roller was just perfect to enjoy with this incredible zin.

The mouth on this medium- to full-bodied wine starts off so nicely with layers of dark and rich jammy fruit, blackberry, strawberry, sweet oak, and lovely mouth coating tannin, but the heat and sweet date flavors fill in the midpalate and make it a wine that demands rich food, and even still, the wine just tastes perfectly.

Also, the 2013 Agua Dulce Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is fantastic.

The Sierra Pelona Valley appellation perfectly supports our cabernet sauvignon with intense plum and sage characters and an integrated yet forceful structure producing a complex, elegantly styled cabernet rich with flavor.

The mouth on this full-bodied wine starts with large mouth-coating tannin, lots of black fruit, and lovely oak, along with a fair amount of green notes that truly add complexity to this wine, along with the nice extraction that comes together into a rich and lasting mouth.

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Additionally, the 2011 Agua Dulce Winery Reserve Merlot is perfect as well.

Their reserve merlot combines refined tannins with a caramel fruity flavor not often found in merlot. They aged the wine in Hungarian, French, and American oak barrels and blended all three together.

The mouth on this full-bodied winerich layers of fruit, including dark black cherry, plum, and blackberry, along with dried fruit and crazy cedarall rounded out nicely with a rich mouth-coating tannin.

Finally, Agua Dulce Winery Sixty/Forty

This rich blend of zinfandel and syrah has aromas of nutmeg and baked brown sugar, coupled with deep flavors of blueberry and espresso.

It is warm, rich, intense with oaky notes, has a beautiful fruit content and a medium body, and is smooth and dry. All in all, I give it a rounded four stars. Cheers and enjoy!

Great Agua Dulce wine and cheeseboard – It’s a beautiful friendship. Great Agua Dulce wine and cheeseboard-  It’s an amazing time with family and friends. We will definitely make a trip back to Agua Dulce Winery because we had a blast tasting its divine wine, listening to each other’s stories, and having a cheeseboard. That all emphasized the greatness of an incredible experience that we will remember for a lifetime.


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