Every year in October, my husband has the search marketing event of the year in Las Vegas. The 2018 Awards Ceremony took place at Treasure Island in Sin City. This event featured multiple nominations where the world’s leading speakers and marketers represented the best expertise in their fields and celebrated their awards with colleagues and friends.

Every year before the search awards, I have the same question: What I should wear? Even though my wardrobe is full of amazing, different styled dresses, some unworn, I still want my Search Awards outfit to be suitable for the event and be special for Vegas. Also, I love feeling not only sexy and fun but comfortable too.

I had little time to figure out what kind of dress style I wanted and what kind of dress color I desired. Also, I needed the right accessories, jewelry, shoes, bag, hair, and makeup to be perfect for the Search Awards night.

Vegas is a glamorous place where anyone can express their fashion or style freely and bravely. It is the only city where you can wear as many sequins or as much glitter as you want. You can express your body language frankly or sincerely. You can expose yourself without anyone’s permission to just be YOU.

I wanted the dress to be different from my other choices. I want my dress to be extravagant, to take my image to another level in fashion. The Search Awards dinner is always a charming and elegant event, and I decided to bring more color and sparkles, and at the same time chic and glamor, to the unforgettable night.

search awards

vegas sequin dress

I think it is time to reveal the dress that I fell in love from the first moment I saw it. I found this beautiful emerald sequin dress at Farfetch. Its bright, shiny style with lavish green sequins just made me crazy. Its elegance and chic style just got me so thrilled and excited. I knew this dress was a winner for the dinner reception and Vegas.

In addition, I decided on Marc Ellis emerald sandals that complemented my dress amazingly. A small, glittering clutch from Neiman Marcus completed the whole look, and I was happy.

I live in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County. It takes only 45 minutes to fly to Vegas. The Search Awards reception happened on Wednesday night, so the rest of my preparations were fun and quick. My beautiful hairstylist, Mandi, knows every trick to make my hair look fantastic. She styled my hair with big curls and shined them with drops of hair product.

I picked my son up from school, and we flew to Vegas afterwards. My son always travels with us. He loves being a part of adventures and getting exposed to new places. My husband met us at the airport, and we stayed at the Elara. We love the beautiful Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations hotel, because of its convenient location, non-smoking environment, and family-friendly atmosphere.

The final preparation I had left was makeup. I decided to create a smoky eye look. I had only an hour before the Search Awards ceremony started. I am happy I learned how to create smoky eyes. I think this timeless makeup technique should be known by any fashionista. The important thing is to choose the right colors that highlight your eyes. I finished my makeup with a bright lipstick from Tom Ford. My ultimate look turned out striking, and I was ready for a glamorous night.

sequin dress


My total Vegas look:

  • Dress by Attico
  • Shoes by Marc Ellis
  • Clutch by Neiman Marcus
  • Makeup by me
  • Hairstyle by my beautiful Mandi
  • Jewelry by Effy

The ceremony was a success. The lavish environment embraced everybody’s spirit. Classical music greeted us, and the banquet table settings had a distinctive, elegant manner and celebratory style. The sound of crystal glasses was heard through the air. This night promised to be just amazing. I was so happy to meet friends that I had not seen for a long time.

What a beautiful night that could bring friends and colleagues together to celebrate success, recognition, and socializing.


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