Start a new morning with a smile…

Start a new morning with a hope…

Start a new morning with belief in yourself…

These are the morning magical sentences that I tell my son every time when he wakes up in a grumpy mood. I always remind my son to accept everyday as a gift and look at all the sides of life as new knowledge to learn wisely.

Being “just a” Mom can be a challenge and often we feel not rewarded and heard by our children and even spouses. I am not an exception, but I learn how to stay positive and expect only great opportunities to happen ahead.

magical morning

I always believe in every magical morning.     

When the night passed by, a new morning rises and the sun comes up. This is my family’s favorite part of the day. Especially when my a Stress -Free morning routine for kids is well done before escorting my son to school and I can enjoy my free time looking at my flowers in my backyard, taking a walk on the park or joining my husband at the gym.

Once my girlfriend asked me if I am happy everyday? I responded her without hesitation, yes! I can honestly say that I am happy everyday because I have a healthy son who enjoys sports, loves laughing and making jokes. I have a beloved husband who is the most supportive, caring, attentive and knows how to make me laugh at any circumstances. As any family, we have ups and downs, disappointments and rainy days in our calendar, but these challenges make us only stronger and better in our choices and options.

I always believe that every morning should start with a big smile.

Many of us in social media pay too much attention to sharing thoughts how to handle stress, avoid drama in life or just complaining about being forced by the moments or circumstances.

I try to avoid as many bad moments and circumstances as possible. It is one of the reasons to keep my smile endlessly. At the end of any story, the most grateful feeling that stays with us is our smile. Our smile is our weapon and power that will always help eventually to make us who we are.

So, do not occupy yourself with negative elements of your ego, give yourself a chance to shine inside and warm others outside. Be first, and make each step further and you will receive tremendous satisfaction from the world.

a new morning

I always believe in love words that can warm up and melt any morning and situation.

As I said every morning should start with a smile; moreover, I always think of extra beautiful aspects that can bring more sunny inner vibes. It can be simple, regular things that can warm up and melt our relatives’ or friends’ hearts.

Make breakfast for your family or text a morning text message to your friend, letting them know you dearly think of them and love them the way it is.

Forgiveness and understanding are another great source to warm up and melt any heart or situation. If you want to have every morning sunny and colorful and find a peaceful warmth in your soul, do not hold negativity inside of you, sincerely let it go and treat situation with love and respect. The world will respects this and keep the sun up and flowers bloomed.


Start a new morning with a smile…

Start a new morning with a hope…

Start a new morning with belief in yourself…



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