Do you have these moments as a mommy when you feel overburdened, overwhelmed, and overreacted? Do you have these moments when your most adorable kids in the world can aggravate or irritate you? You feel exhausted, upset, or tired of things when normally they would not bother you. It happens when you, as a mommy, take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders and resist slowing down because of expectations and feelings of guilt.

I am familiar with how you feel. I have been on your shoes and know what it’s like. It took a while for me to realize that in addition to taking care of everyone else, I also needed to learn how to take care of myself first. So I started thinking about where I have to start and how it will impact my love of myself in the future. I don’t mean selfish love of myself, I mean Self Love that will help to make my life better, which means also strengthening my family. If I am strong in my decisions and goals, my family will grow in a higher, stronger, and healthier environment as well.

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So My Three Core Points of Focus are

Balance Time

Self Care Time

Belly Laugh Time

These Three Core Points of Focus became the cornerstone for keeping my true self and staying on top of my values.

Let’s Talk About Balance Time

My son is an only child. My husband and I embraced him with so much love. And because of too much of my love, he wanted my attention 100% of the time. I gave, gave, gave so much, every day. I even gave-gave when my son did not need My Give because he could do it by himself.

I looked at myself through my own mirror and understood that time came to overthink. I created my Balance Time to help me set some boundaries for My Give. I cannot just give nonstop, it will overwhelm me. So I decided to turn My Give into proportional Balance Time where half of My Give will go to my son, and the rest of My Give I turn towards myself.

writing blog

One example of balancing my time is actually writing my blog. What I mean is to find valuable time for yourself to be able to pursue your hobbies or do something that is not monotonous. In addition, what helped me, I just stopped being too strict with my son’s routines and activities. I am not saying you should quit anything, I just changed my directions and became more lenient about it.

This allowed me to balance my time and move gradually and organically with the time. Not stressing and thinking about schedules, if something is on time, or if we’re running behind. Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and realize that your family and your children are not living life based on a calendar or appointments.

Let’s Talk about Self Care Time

Mommies, please do not wait until you feel overwhelmed or overburdened. Do not wait for the moments when your patience will count their last minutes. Self Care Time is an excellent key that will open an awesome door to yourself. I mean, we need some quality time to spend with ourselves. You can have this valuable time when your kid’s at school or when your husband takes your kids to taekwondo or swimming.

What Can You Do During Your Self Care Time?

  • manicurehair doneworkout
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Taking relaxing bath with essential oil and Epsom salts
  • Work out with your husband or girlfriends
  • Go to salon to style your hair
  • Blog, you can be a blogger like me

I think Self Care Time will enhance your health and well-being. You will achieve a stress-free routine for kids, also Your Give will absolutely be under control. When I understood that my Self Care Time is valuable, I identified myself in the positive long-term. My



And Spiritual Aspects

were committed to my well-being and helped me stay in my Balance Time and Self Care Time through the day. Our kids need us. They need to see us in a long-term engagement with them. And if we mommies won’t find the ways to have Balance Time and Self Care Time, we won’t be doing great 100%. So go for it! Go for Self Care Time, mommies!

Let’s Talk About Belly Laugh Time

Ah, Belly Laugh Time! We mommies deserve to have Belly Laugh Time more than anything! Laughing is the best medicine for stress, overwhelm, and tiredness.

What Can You Do During Belly Laugh Time?

  • Call your girlfriends for girls’ night out

girls night out

Sometimes we need to give a call to our girlfriends and go for a glass of red wine. Sharing Belly Laugh Time with besties is as significant as Balance Time and Self Care Time.

  • Call a wiser friend who can listen, talk, and laugh.

This is another alternative to me. Usually, I call my wise friend for a glass of wine and for a great conversation. I think a close and wise friend can give a good perspective on advice or tips, because she knows your situation and purpose.

  • Go with your husband to movie night out.
  • Or to evening dinner.

just the two of us

The best thing is always to remember that you and your other half deserve some time together. Get a babysitter or ask the grandparents to watch your kids and just go to embrace laughter, good times, and just enjoying each other. Forget for a while about Your Gives and to-dos, just remember to enjoy your Belly Laugh Time together.

Well, mommies, it was a pleasure for me to share my personal experience and reveal my Three Core Points of Focus that became so essential in my life and my son’s life.


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