Summer is almost gone. Soon, summer break will turn into school duties for my son and me. I am so thrilled, of course, that my son is a third grader, but it would be great to prolong these fun, restless summer days. Sometimes, daily chores such as cleaning, cooking, and taking my son to different activities overwhelmed me and my family. So we decided to bring some color to our busy, hectic life.

Driving Away From the Place Where You Live

We are a spontaneous family. We love traveling, going to museums, trying different foods, and just fooling around. When my family makes a decision, we become like soldiers, dressing quickly, jumping in the car, and driving to spend time together. Having pop music in the car makes our driving fun and quick. We love driving, because it allows us to get closer, talk about various subjects, and sing pop music songs together. Playing “I SPY” to see if we can guess different cars and objects we are passing is another source of communication to have fun and be close as a family.

As a strong family, we pay so much attention to each other. We work everyday on building a solid bridge of family connection. We serve each other with positive energy in any circumstances. So driving away to the city or going on a staycation is very important to recharge and reestablish family importance.


Walking Down the Streets and Observing New Things

Every family has a different point of view on how to spend time together. Of course, most families prefer to go to museums, water parks, Disneyland, or Legoland. We are not an exception. However, I think walking down the street, observing the view around you, and enjoying simple conversation are very great moments to enjoy the day and each other’s company.

When you are home, busy with daily things, kids, husbands or pets, we mommies, need to reconnect with our inner and outer aspects on a daily basis. It is unnecessary to fly to Hawaii or another island to restore your brain. You can just walk down the street, observe people who are busy or happy with their lives, receive or give a smile, and your day will be useful. Recently, I learned to understand the importance of recharging and restoring our outlook through the simple enjoyments that God sends us on a daily basis.


Having a Great Dinner As a Family

Cooking from scratch is my passion. I love to cook healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, going out as a family is another way to create a strong connection between us. A great restaurant atmosphere always gives us a chance to reconnect our ideas, talk about various future plans, and finally enjoy our delicious dinner or lunch.

During the dinner, we try to limit the time my son plays on the iPad. First, he has to place a food order with the waitress. Than he is allowed to play until food comes. Than when the food arrives, he has to put the iPad away and eat his meal, chatting with us about different topics.

It is not easy to control time on the iPad, but we always try to interest our son with amusing ideas or conversation. Sometimes, he even forgets he has his iPad babysitter when we have hot and controversial topics to discuss.


If mommies find any useful information for themself from my article, I will be happy. Because the simplest way to build a stable connection of values is to follow simple rules and attempts. Simplify your daily attempts to better balance your relationship as a family.


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