As all kids, my son can have mood swings on a daily basis. Sometimes he is moody without any reason, other days he can hide his feelings when I try to ask him how the day is going. It is a very familiar situation, isn’t it? I want to be a part of my son’s life; therefore, I searched for solutions and several methods for how to become closer to him in any condition.

Children at any age can be really impossible—they aggressively react to any of your advice or remarks. My son is not an exception. He can give me a hard time about reading a book, doing his homework, or executing his chores. It can be overwhelming and challenging to control.

Finding a Strong Bridge of Communication During My Son’s Misbehavior

One of my close friends and mom of four children introduced me to a great book called No-Drama Discipline written by Daniel J Siegel. This book helps parents find connections with their child and assists parents on how to find a proper way to react to their child’s misbehavior. The child psychiatrist Dr. Siegel provides an effective, friendly journey for dealing with tears, anger, and tension—without causing a scene.

Also, the book is written in an easy and simple way. It helped me and my son to reconnect our mindsets, peacefully move into another level of communication, and transform aggressiveness and laziness into motivation. In my case, my son enjoys learning or studying in the form of games or puzzles. Using the main ideas of this book, I try to implement physiological and affective aspects into the situation or condition that I am in at that point.


What to Do When Your Kid Says He or She Is Bored

Today, all kids are crazy about video games or watching kids YouTube. I am an old-fashioned mom who getting so unhappy when I even think about the idea of my son playing video games all day.

I always give my son a time limit for video games. In my opinion, there are so many useful things he can do on a daily basis. The easiest way to figure out how to get our kids fascinated and interested is to find their passion in any field.

So many kids love swimming. Every morning after breakfast, I take my son to a swimming pool. We swim together, laugh together, and practice water polo, throwing a ball. The more your kid is occupied with activities, the better chance for him to succeed.

Also, the communication aspect is vital for our children to develop their social skills. Therefore, a play date is fun to have. My son loves when his friends come to our house to amuse each other and have a good time. I cook for them while they play hide and seek or train their brain with puzzles and educational games. I know it is easier said than done. However, I prefer that my son uses his brain in the proper direction, communicates with his pals usefully, and does not clog his brain with video games on a daily basis.


How to Ask Your Kid to Wait While You Have a Conversation With Another Person

This subject is very sensitive and controversial. I still have difficulties managing this aspect delicately, because my son loves asking questions and being the center of attention while I am talking to somebody else.

What is the best way to stop a kid from interrupting adult conversation? What is the best way to stop interruptions while not hurting your child’s feelings? These questions still exist and have some challenges in being answered.

My way of asking my son to wait is simple. When he starts interrupting my conversation, I simply take his hand in my hand and ask him to wait until I am done. It often helps, because first my son knows he is heard by me, and second he knows he has to wait. It does not work all the time, but the more you continue to use your personal method, the better chance your kid will start accepting it as a habit.


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