Before school, I often cook delicious scrambled eggs for my son. Of course, I cook the eggs exactly the way he likes it. If I add extra ingredients, believe me, he won’t eat it. Besides, morning time is limited, so I never try to experiment with something new in the morning.

My slogan: be simple when you cook breakfast for your kiddo. Plus, you should always cook the way he prefers. It will save you time, energy, and your nerves:)

As I mentioned before in my previous article, making these scrambled eggs are so easy. It takes a small amount of time, and it makes you happy to know that your son is great till lunchtime in school.


So you need:

2 fresh eggs

2–3 tablespoons of organic whole milk

And that’s it 🙂


Spray your pan with olive oil cooking spray, and let it heat up on the stove. Meanwhile, stir organic whole milk with 2 beaten eggs, quickly. Notice, I do not use any salt at all. I prefer to use black pepper instead.

When your pan is heated, just pour the beaten eggs into the pan. Cook them on medium heat, stirring it into scrambled eggs.

That’s it, Mommies!! Simple, healthy, quick, and delicious!



You can experiment with adding extra ingredients such as cheese, chopped veggies, or chunks of ham or sausage. Always remember to choose the favorite ingredients of your kids, so they can enjoy their meal before school.


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