To me, Mother’s Day is a very special day when I simply feel proud and honored to be a mom for my 9-year-old son. I became a mom at age 36, and since then I fell in love with everything that my family does and embraces: waking up with my son’s kisses, finding an amazing fresh bouquet of my favorite roses or tulips from my husband, and going to have a nice Mother’s Day brunch at my favorite place, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

This year, my boys surprised me with a new idea for celebrating Mother’s Day. They announced that they want to surprise me differently and take me to a place where I will enjoy this day and never forget this incredible experience ever. I became so curious and could not wait to spend Mother’s Day with my awesome boys.

I woke up on Sunday in anticipation mode. My son gave me a million kisses. Also, a beautiful bouquet of pink roses from my husband was waiting for me downstairs. And another surprise was waiting for me, sitting on the dining room table. It was a picnic basket.

pink roses

I looked at my boys, and they were giggling happily. Then my son told me to go get ready and dress romantically and do not forget to wear my stylish hat. I glanced at my son with a surprised look, and we all started laughing so hard. I realized that we were going to have a family picnic for Mother’s Day.

My Simple Look for Mother’s Day

I decided to wear a Dolce & Gabbana white flared polka-dot cotton-poplin dress that I bought at Gilt Groupe several years ago.

Also, I accessorize my dress with romantic white Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and Chloe sunglasses. 

dolce gabbana dress

The Picnic Basket Style

This picnic basket set is just amazing. My husband bought it on Amazon.  I want to give it 5 stars. The materials are impressive. This set has

  • Removable bamboo table
  • Cotton canvas top cover – 4-person set
  • Waterproof picnic blanket
  • Ceramic plates
  • Metal flatware
  • Wine glasses
  • Wooden bottle opener

I absolutely loved the whole basket. I could not wait to drive to a Beverly Hills park and enjoy California’s air on my special day.

picnic basket

Coldwater Canyon Park

Coldwater Canyon park is located on North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. We really loved this park for three main reasons:

  1. It’s safe.
  2. It’s clean.
  3. It’s less than 10 minutes away from Rodeo Drive.

When we arrived, we spread the picnic blanket on the grass, settled the bamboo table, opened a bubbly Veuve Clicquot Rose champagne bottle, tasted my homemade cheese board, turned music on, and had so much fun taking pictures and observing the park openly.

picnic familywith me son

The park also has two play areas, a water feature, a shaded arbor, and succulent landscaping with a mini stream. We all had a blast. I realized how great it is sometimes to escape Santa Clarita and head on up into Coldwater Park with my family.

There are so many visitors we observed. Many of them were hikers, bikers, and runners. Also there were many families with kids resting and enjoying the sunny day.

picnic funMD picnicpicnic with champagne

What an amazing Mother’s Day picnic I had with my boys! Truly, I had an unforgettable time and experience at Coldwater Park. Thank you to my boys, who surprised me with a picnic idea, prepared unbelievable fun for me, and made Mother’s Day so special and memorable.


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