What inspires you? Nothing inspires me more than love. Love is something that cannot be explained but drives and inspires us every day. Love can be expressed invisibly between two people. Love is when you want to be a better person. Love is when you love taking care of each other, respecting each other. In fact, love can inspire you through a smell or a touch of elegance. It happened to me when I inhaled the most sensual and luminous fragrance by Parfums de Marly – Delina, introduced to me by my dear friend, Natalia Kern. Discovering this incredible perfume changed my fashion outlook and attitude. I had to wear it endlessly. If you ask me how I prefer to wear and apply this luxurious floral fragrance, my response would be


delina                                                    “With Love. With Grace. With Sensuality.”

France is the most leading nation in the invention of fragrances. Parfums de Marly is an haute parfumerie brand created in 2009, which launched to recreate the splendor of King Louis XV through this perfume. I am dedicating this post to learn and love this royal essence because Delina over-performs with nuances and scents. When I wear de Marly – Delina I feel like I am in a floral harmony in a valley of lily and peony, but also the most luscious tangiest fruits. Moreover, this smell defines love in depth with a mystery full of unexpected contrasts. Entering into Delina’s world is like thinking about unconditional love or romantic moments where lust, passion, and sensuality are captured from head to toe.


Once you wear this timeless and striking beauty, you will fall in love with its essence infinitely. It will pursue you everywhere, push you to break your own boundaries and fears. Helping to free yourself, teaching you to be yourself, and letting you express your charm bravely and openly. I hope you embrace my direction and just define de Marly – Delina with love.


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