Wine country is an absolutely breathtaking place to visit. The whole idea of wine tasting can take you further into your dreams and expectations. I love driving through a field where succulent chubby grapes look yummy and pop when you squeeze them. Moreover, wine and fashion are two inseparable girlfriends, where one of them can be rich in flavor with fruity, smoky, exotic spice notes, and fashion can reflect the wine vibes in a complete and fulfilled manner.

Every time my family agrees to drive to wine country, I have the same question: “What should I wear?” I want to be sure that my fashion ensemble complements the wine tasting room in style, and when I have a sip of red wine, I will be able to embrace the whole beauty at one time.

wine country

Driving to Agua Dulce with my family and friends was incredibly fun. Agua Dulce Winery has earned the honor of being Los Angeles County’s leading fine wine grower and producer making some of the best Southern California wines. The weekend day turned out gloomy and cool. That’s why my fashion ensemble was comfortable, warm, but still elegant and fashionable. I preferred a casual-classic look where I could still accent my style even when the forecast was looking dreary.


For My Look

I wear a cherry plaid shirt that I bought at Costco.

Low waist, slim-fit, and flared-leg denim jeans from Free People.

Sea-blue multicolored hat from Eugenia Kim.

Gold and pearly white brooch from Chanel.

Earrings with crystals from Swarovski.

Black comfortable wedge sneakers from Ash.

wine lookwine

My simple look attracted attention. My cherished plaid flannel shirt that I purchased at Costco especially made a big impression. Drinking exaggerated full-bodied flavor with a bit of an edge in Agua Dulce’s cabernet and wearing my stylish look made the tasting more enjoyable and pleasant.

The gloomy day was turning rainy, but we all continued laughing, chatting with each other, making jokes, telling stories, and just enjoying delicious local wine. I cannot imagine my life without fashion and style: style for tasting a good wine, style for wearing a nice outlook, and style for just being happy and myself.


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