I am not keeping CALM on my one year anniversary! It’s here, and I am so excited to revisit the whole year of blogging, remembering my first post, my first anxiety, my first excitement, and my first perception of all the work I have done for this year. I can say it has been a great year of finding, defining, and comprehending myself as a new woman, mommy, wife, friend and just a human being.

My thoughts on blogging and finding my own way on parenting, motherhood, and relationships.

If you’d told me a year ago that my understanding of my entire life would take on another level after a year, I would be skeptical and laugh at you. You are probably still smiling about what you just read and thinking how did blogging take me to another level. 

A year ago, I had a normal life as usual. We weren’t broke or lost. I wasn’t going through major issues or emotional devastation. I wasn’t looking for a drastic life change, either. Since I became a full-time mommy and wife, I have always had a busy schedule through the day, full of activities and responsibilities. 

However, everything and anything revolved around everyday solitude, and my individuality was forgotten or invisible, not just for the world, but for my inner perception. Without my realizing it, blogging became a special transition of my new vision on my self-style, self-expression, and overall self-esteem.

Give Yourself a Chance at What You Love the Most

So, why I started After40Mommy blog? The internet is an amazing place to talk to and share your vision on anything, what you desire to do or wish to reveal. Moreover, your openness in blogging will give you a great chance to see the world wider. 

In normal life, I am pretty busy with domestic things and motherhood responsibilities. I really do not have time to chat with my friends about my passions: fashion, style, or beauty. Sometimes we can share some thoughts on certain fashion moments, and that’s it. So blogging gave me a chance to find my own auditorium of women who are inspired by style and know what fashion is about.

Women’s souls are like a romantic novel, where everything should be covered with taste from couture and sweetness of elegance. I gave my imagination, fantasy, and reality the full freedom of my thoughts. I found new possibilities in myself that were hidden in a dark closet of my soul. 

Give Yourself an Outlet to Discover Who You Are

So I was able to give myself an outlet to share with the world my personal stories on life after 40 and make connections with so many women, like me or different. I started blogging about beauty, fashion, and family life for women over 40 and discovered a strong connection between inner satisfaction and outer perception. 

When I unleashed my inner boundaries, I felt like I could share myself and who I am, and it feels great. I feel emotionally invincible and am ready to share myself with the world even more. What a great Year One! 

I can also honestly say that with blogging, I value family even more than before. I realize everything can be a special moment that I can discuss with my family, and also share my thoughts with the world. I feel like we’ve become closer as a family, and this is a great trend.

Year One of After 40 Mommy is in the books, and now it’s time to start on Year Two. I’ve learned so much, but there is still a long journey ahead. And I hope that you enjoy sharing it with me!



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