Stress is everywhere. Stress can surround and find us on a daily basis, easily, without permission. I have been stressed out because of different situations or circumstances. I understand I have to relax, but how? This is an important question.

I do not want to lecture you about how to relieve stress. Everybody is aware of how to take care of this side effect. Most people take out stress by walking in the fresh air, reading books, or enjoying the company of family and friends. These are all good, but the reality catches up to us on a daily basis.

I am a busy mom 24/7, and at the end of each day, I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Helping my son with his daily homework, taking him to sport activities, incredibly takes so much energy and time. Ways to restore the spirit and strength are very important to me. My goal is to learn how to balance my busy schedule and inner spirit properly and healthy.

I live close to the Pacific Ocean and love driving along the shore to enjoy the sea air. But not everybody can afford to live near an ocean or drive there sometimes. So I want to talk about reliable and healthy methods of how I prefer to overcome stress when it crashes into my life.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one of my favorite and natural ways to say goodbye to the stress.

Chamomile tea offers a variety of health benefits. I like to use chamomile tea in bags, but I prefer the fresh chamomile dried flowers infused into hot water. This way, the chamomile tea is more tasty and aromatic and contains more useful elements that benefit my mood. One sip of this organic beverage helps me to:

  • Balance sleep
  • Lower stress
  • Promote digestion
  • Bring relaxation and satisfaction
  • Boost immune system
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase skin health

chamomile tea

I usually love to enjoy chamomile tea while sitting in the living room with my family. Just imagine a quiet evening with an aromatic candle on a small table. Waiting for the chamomile tea to infuse in hot water. Finally enjoying this tea in a small vintage cup.

Believe me, the daily stress will fly away and serenity will come into your heart.

Workout and cardio

A workout is the most effective way to take away the stress. Cardio or walking around your subdivision can perfectly get your muscles busy and unload your brain. When I go for a walk or do cardio at the gym with my husband, it helps me to maintain my immune system. Also, during the exercise, I have extra time to think about daily issues and find a way to solve them naturally. Simple weight exercises are another effective way to discipline your brain and unload your daily stress. Here is my simple workout that helps me stay in shape, increase my strength, and sculpt my body.

Targets: upper legs, shoulders, forearms, and biceps

Do 4 sets of this routine

  • Lunge, then front shoulder and side shoulder raises; lunge and then raise dumbbells to the side, then lower down and lift to the front, then lower slowly.
  • Bench presses using the chest press machine in the gym which builds strength to the chest and front shoulder area.
  • Leg raises for the an abdominal workout to exercise my main ab muscles and core.

  • Sit on a half balance ball and then do bicep curls, keeping the body straight with your core muscles

  • Do sit ups with a medicine ball, then at the peak of the sit up, do trunk twists 10 to 15 times to build your core
  • Followed by dumbbell squats where I lower my rear all of the way down and move back up slowly, concentrating on form more so than weight

  • Sit up to a half plank position and then stretch arm under core, reaching for the opposite side

These five exercises are a circuit for training my entire body in one workout. Anyone can do this workout at the gym or in a home environment. I guarantee I feel stronger, more powerful, and healthier afterwards.

Taking a bath with sea salt

My weakness is taking a bath with sea salt every day. If I do not have sea salt at the moment, I use a relaxing bath gel with natural ingredients. This is my essential method to relieve my daily stress and cleanse my aura and energy. Going through various people, energy, and environments, I feel how much I give my energy away and feel exhausted at the end of the day. These daily vibrations can suck your health power speedily, and it is not easy to restore your potential energy. Every night (I am not kidding), a salt-water bath helps me to stop daily vibrations and cleanse my aura from negative leftover pieces of the day.

This nightly ritual assists me to find a good balance between my body, spirit, and Newme. I love to give credit to my inner condition and purify both my body and aura. It is definitely necessary to award yourself at the end of day, trust your desires, and give rest to your rational mind.

relaxing bath


The benefits of a bath with sea salt are:

Salt water draws all the negative toxins from my tissues

  • My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated
  • A salt water bath helps to reduce my stress, tiredness, and fears

My brain gets tremendous relaxation while my entire body feels heavenly and peaceful. This is the best restoration of my spiritual and inner world, where each joint, muscle, cell, and nerve has a chance to relax and communicate together.

Making a salt water bath:

  • Make sure you are alone in the room with an aromatic candle and dimmed light.
  • Fill the bath with comfortably warm water.
  • Add 2–3 handfuls of sea salt. I even like to drop some dried chamomile flowers in the bath as well.
  • Soak in the salt water for 20–25 minutes. While you are soaking, try not to think about daily issues. Just relax, let your emotions go away. Think only about positive subjects and enhance your spiritual vibrations.

I prefer to air dry my body after the bath. It helps me to enjoy my clean aura longer and lets my body be free.

I have shared with you my three effective, favorite methods for how I relieve my stress. Stress is not fun, for sure, but we can learn how to balance and restore our strength and energy at the end of the day. We are the main controller of our daily spirit. We can reach for the best results and transform our aura into antistress.


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