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Ah, I am so excited to share my story of defining myself and shaping my fears into my first, real fitness photo shoot. I believe women over 40 have a bigger potential for anything than what they opt to achieve or have. The stimulus grows from new emotional patterns that look for wider self-expression and self-affirmation. I think when a woman hits the big 4-0, her revolving nature produces an impulse for something innovative and fascinating. The hormones are seeking a new journey where style and age will be captured together. I think women over 40 look better and spicier. And it is a big sin if we don’t take advantage of our diverse potentials.

I have never had a glamour photo shoot in my life. I was a very shy and unconfident teenager and young lady. I had so many hesitations about my looks, my overall appearance, and my overweight proportions. There are so many women who go through these issues every year and decade. I was not an exception either. Nothing came easily for me. I always had to work hard till sweat was running down my face. It is said, “It hurts to be beautiful.” It hurts very much. However high we jump or hard we work, often we fall. But it gives us the stimulus to grow bigger, wider, and stronger.

Step-by-step Preparations for How to Achieve a Great Photo Shoot

Poses and Attitude

So going back to my glamour, fitness photo shoot preparation. I had a blast—the most amazing experience ever! Before my photo shoot day, I brainstormed some ideas and concepts for airbrush makeup, airbrush face and body, fitness merchandise, hairstyle, accessories, location, poses, and many other important aspects. I had no clue that all these preparations would take so much time and effort.

But I do not like to give up, and the first thing I worked out was pose and attitude. I followed the simplest steps, using Instagram and finding amazing pictures of fitness models. Going through different poses, I started feeling more confident, realizing how much fun I could have just looking and learning about photographs. My appetite was growing, and my fantasy had no borders or limits. I saved some photo shoot ideas and resent them to my photographer.

Airbrush Face and Body

If you want your skin to look radiant and flawless, do not wait, just book your appointment with a specialist beforehand. I am not a fan of doing a spray tan by myself. First of all, it is not convenient: you cannot reach your back, for example. And the spray layers might land imperfectly and unequally. Second, a spray tan will always make you look brighter and thinner and will hide skin imperfections. Third, you will save time and energy for other preparations.

Before my appointment, I exfoliate my skin the day before. It is very important for your skin to be clean and dry before your specialist arrives. Do not apply any deodorant or body lotion. The spray tan might land unevenly and come off quickly. After the procedure, do not take a bath, and do not wash your legs or hands. Just let you body dry till tomorrow’s photo shoot. Wear a loose t-shirt or pajama shirt for bedtime. If you follow these simple steps, I guarantee your skin will look flawless the next morning.


Airbrush Makeup

Makeup is one of the most significant parts of a successful photo shoot. If you do not have any makeup skills, my solution is to hire a professional makeup artist. In my case, I have a pretty good knowledge of my facial features, and also I do understand the concept of makeup balance. When I was working on my makeup, I visually comprehended how my makeup would contribute to my entire look. I pursued an overall makeup idea for the best images and so I would spend less time editing imperfections.

One important thing you must remember about makeup is that the camera will not capture the makeup and color as brightly as in real life. Therefore, I learned it is very important to apply more makeup for a photo shoot than you would apply for going out. So following all these makeup rules, one more thing I needed was to find a suitable makeup model idea. I think everybody has a role model or idol in life, so do I. My role model for my makeup became Jennifer Lopez’s look. The eyes are the central point in any photo shoot. I made sure that my makeup really exaggerated my eyes, so they stood out very well.

I used bolder colors to define my makeup more

  • For eye shadow, I used three different shades. I dabbed the lighter shade at the inner corner of my eyes and the darker shade between the lid and the brow bone. My eyes looked dramatic and emphasized their power.
  • False eyelashes are another step for eye definition. I love using false eyelashes. They make your eyes unique and unforgettable.
  • I always use the eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrows. The fuller your eyebrows are, the better they look in the photos.
  • For enhancing my eyes, I use black eyeliner for the lower lid. My favorite is the white eyeliner that I use for my waterline. It literally creates a chic and fabulous look.
  • For blush, highlighter, and bronzer, I love using powder, because it is easy to blend. These three makeup goodies are my favorite, and I am not afraid of applying them bravely. The skin always looks flawless and radiant in the photos.
  • My last makeup goodies are lipstick, lip gloss, and a lip pencil. I leave this option open because of the different styles of merchandise. Lipstick and lip gloss elements should be as outstanding and fabulous as your overall makeup look.





Selecting Fitness Swimwear and Accessories

Working and selecting my photo shoot swimwear and accessories were fun. I realized, that my outfits must illustrate my individuality and mood. I wanted to carry NewMe after 40 with grace and elegance, even in sexy bikinis. I laid out several bikini outfits on my bed with some nice accessories to speculate and decide what I want to wear. I played around with them, mixing colors and styles, trying to visualize what outfits would be the best and how I would look on camera.

Finally, I chose five different and cool outfits. They all illustrated my inner and outer outlook, which is so significant for a photo shoot. I just wanted to be Me in everything, from head to toes.



Choosing Photo Shoot Locations

My family and I moved to California five years ago from the east coast. Western California differs, with its enormous mountains and endless Pacific beaches. California’s luxurious climate can spoil you with its sea breezes and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

After we settled down in the Santa Clarita area, we discovered Castaic Lake.  It is a peaceful place with an unbelievable landscape that varies from desert to tall mountains. When I was thinking about my first photo shoot location, I knew instantly where it should be done. It was not easy to capture a moment during my photo shoot day, because the soil hurt my bare feet, and the bright sun hit my body aggressively.


When we arrived at Vasquez Rocks to observe its area, I was amazed to see this unbelievable collection of rocky ledges. During the photo shoot, I felt like I was on top of the world. The rocks are magically powerful and hold their own stories within.

We had such an incredible time shooting at Vasquez and Castaic Lake before dusk, as the sun was almost about to set. We caught the best light for the shoot, and I am so happy with how the finished photos turned out.


I wanted to make a statement about diverse human beings through my different looks. I think I chose the right spirit, standpoint, and attitude that made my photo shoot outstanding. My little piece of advice is always be and stay yourself, follow your heart’s desires, and execute the ultimate decisions bravely.


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