Aah! I cannot believe I turned 45 three weeks ago. Happy birthday to me! I cannot believe that I became another year wiser and funnier. I actually love this number, because it means that I am not 20 anymore, but also I’m not old enough to complain and cry about it, lol. Honestly, my family and friends do not pay much attention to my 45 number like I do. They say, “Life at 45 is only beginning,” and rationally I agree with them, but in my heart, I’m still working on accepting my new number.


My birthday dress was chosen carefully. I really wished for my dress to be elegant and emphasize my taste and vibes. The yellow sunflower dress with a deep V neckline, ruffled shoulders, and pleated skirt from Bambah made a birthday statement, and I felt gorgeous. I bought this dress from Moda Operandi website, and if you want to feel and look stunning, confidently shop there.

“What did you do on your birthday?” most of you are wondering. I really want my birthday to be unforgettable and beautiful, so I decided to celebrate my big number at one of the luxurious hotels in Beverly Hills: Peninsula. And I tell you, it was an amazing choice and experience. Its glamorous style and romantic atmosphere know how to embrace the excitement and make your heart melt endlessly with joy.

afternoonteablack caviar

Also, I wanted my private celebration to have a cozy, elegant, and intimate aura where classical music would fly everywhere and a glass of bubbly would emphasize my birthday. The idea of an afternoon tea in Lounge Peninsula was so perfect, from an amazing selection of savory finger sandwiches to sweet bite-sized pastries and scones.

Also, a delicious caviar plate made my birthday special and elegant as well, especially when it was served with the proper accompaniments such as hard-chopped egg, chopped green onion, sour cream, and other organic herbs. I had a blast with my besties: Natalia Kern and Elena Perez. We laughed a lot, drank rosé champagne, and remembered funny stories that happened to us.


Again, back to my 45 number, I can say it is just a number. Every age is beautiful in various ways and full of unusual expectations. We women are bright, energetic, and talented. We women are brave and can do whatever we dream to achieve and accomplish. The most important is loving yourself as you are and do not lock that dream in a dark box.


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