Hi mommies!!  it’s finally time for the long-awaited weekend! I assumed you had a long crazy week like me because we mommies always dedicate all of our time to family and the day to day!

We moms live every moment with purpose every day though always taking care of domestic responsibilities and then our constant concern for the rest of the world!

Let’s give ourselves the break we deserve this weekend! I am here for you! And you’re here for other mommies as well. I hear your hunger to enter the weekend and make the most of it.

Here are my 10 awesome ways to boost your energy and fuel your engine in order to drive further with your commitment to motherhood, work and success.

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My 10 awesome tips for the best weekend ever are:

1. Get your beauty sleep – do not wake up earlier (or try not to, even though your kids may be waking up at 6 am because there’s no school!).

2. Meditation – helps to Relax & Recharge your inner motions

3. Take a long bubble bath in the morning

4. Treat your skin with home made scrubs and other moisturizers

5. Wear something elegant to feel like you’re back on your honeymoon

6. Be generous to yourself.

7. Eat healthy – enjoy fresh pressed juice and stick to clean nutrition during the weekend

8. Leave all domestic duties to your hubby during weekend.

9. Give yourself own time – go to the salon for manicure or pedicure

10. Treat yourself with something nice – go shopping! I Love this therapy!


I’m executing most of these awesome weekend tips this weekend and sorry mommies; but I have to let you go because I have some shopping to do and stop at salon to get nails treatment!

Mommies, do not overthink your weekend! Simplify your deserved time!! Be happy! Just do it!! Make a change for yourself and you will see how your family will appreciate you again and how recharged you’ll feel on Monday morning.



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