Spring is here! And I love it because it’s my favorite time of the year, when nature wakes up from hibernation and takes the whole entire land in her hands. I adore this season because its breezy air flies around the land, spreading positive, long-awaited energy and new possibilities in life. Everything is blooming, and my favorite hummingbirds are coming back again to please us with their chirping.

Also, I love spring because Easter knocks on the door in anticipation of new hopes and dreams. I love all the pleasant vibes and Easter preparations to do with my family and enjoy the fun.

Easter tulips

Boiling & Coloring & Cracking Eggs With My Family

Every year, my family loves boiling and coloring eggs before Easter morning and cracking eggs the next day. I can say this Easter tradition became one of our favorites, not only in my house but across the globe. My son is always excited to bring eggs and coloring home from the store. My family loves decorating the eggs in different brilliant colors, going to a friend’s house, sharing, and cracking them with friends as an Easter gift.

Once my son asked me where this tradition came from. It is a very good question, and I decided to do a search to be able to state some information. I was thinking of the purpose of boiling and dying eggs for the Easter season. To my surprise, eggs symbolize rebirth and new life. It is an important part of the celebration of spring and the new life that comes after winter.

When I looked around, I realized there is a mystic destiny where not only human beings are embraced. Nature and its elements are surrounded by the beauty of blooming new spring flowers and trees and chirping cute birds, because the whole world celebrates spring’s welcome.

Baking Easter Bread

I cannot imagine an Easter morning without Easter bread. Bread is a very important part of the Easter celebration and symbolizes that Christ has risen, new life and new beginnings. I usually bake two different kinds of Easter bread: Ukrainian Easter bread, Paska, and Italian Easter bread. I love being creative and bringing brilliant color, delicious taste, and a multinational approach to Easter morning.

Baking the Ukrainian Easter bread I inherited from my mom, who was born and raised in Ukraine. Paska breads are a traditional element in the Easter holidays of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other Eastern Europe countries. I remember how much I loved to observe my mom in the kitchen, making soft dough, using yeast and other ingredients. When it was time for the dough to sit in a bowl and rise for another two hours, I was always curious about the rising process.

The final step is always so exciting. I was so thrilled to evenly divide the dough into several parts in paper baking molds. And when each is baked, pouring the glaze over each cooled Paska and topping with sprinkles. My mom would make various types of Paska: tall, low, or cylindrical that contains a great amount of raisins and succade.

italian bread

Italian Easter bread I decided to make from my curiosity. Also, my son is a big fan of Italian cuisine. I really like the design of this bread, and of course the taste is so good as well. The three pieces of dough braided together and baked with a colored egg in the middle of the dough. How beautiful is that!

My son really enjoys the shape and decorations of this delicious Italian Easter bread. I found a great recipe online and do not have any regrets of making this bread for my family.

These delicious and puffy Ukrainian and Italian Easter breads are a great centerpiece for the Easter table. In addition, brilliantly colored eggs give a sense of new beginning and new hopes that are so substantial and meaningful in life.

apple pie easter apple pieeaster smile

Also, I bake my favorite Apple Pie from my childhood. Click here to find the Apple Pie Recipe.

Decorating a Beautifully Set Table

One of the first things I always keep in my mind and love to present on a table is a bunch of flowers. For spring and Easter, I love to have tulips, a lot of tulips. Flowers are the most beautiful elements of a table setting for Easter. To me, tulips and other spring flowers are a symbol of love, prosperity, and beauty. So if you go a little bit crazy on flowers, that’s fabulous!

tulipstable setting

For an Easter table setting, I prefer spring warm colors: light pink, light blue, yellow, and other subdued tones. Every detail of your Easter table set should tell a story and bring a fresh aura into your home. While setting an Easter table, I always turn on nice music, smooth jazz or something I love to listen to. The music always helps me embrace the Easter holiday inner feelings.

When I think about a table setting for Easter, I prefer to keep it simple, tasteful, and harmonious. In my opinion, the simplicity will always work and let you stay yourself and be yourself in executing your ideas for decorating. Let’s think what the most important things will be to make an Easter table unforgettable and beautiful.

These Easter Tabletop Necessities Are

Table Linens: napkins, tablecloth

Tableware: charger plates, lunch plates


Glassware: champagne flutes, cocktail glasses

Home Accents: small vases for the napkins, Easter decorations

Everything above I purchased at Dollar Tree and I bought my Easter bunnies decorations at Home Goods.

easter tablesetting

I decorated my Easter table with my favorite tablecloth and tableware that perfectly fits with the spring spirit and Easter holiday vibes. The unique style of this tableware reflects my desire to let spring always live within my family. Flatware is laid on the table in order of use. I cannot imagine celebrating spring without bubbly Veuve Clicquot Rose champagne. Crystal tall champagne flutes are always an essential part of table decor. I really enjoy toasting to Easter with my friends and family with a glass of champagne.

The colorful napkins that symbolize an Easter mode are one of the special elements of decoration I love to play around with on the table. I usually place a paper napkin under a charger plate. This design looks amazing with the rest of the table decor.

I remember, my mom would always use paper napkins to decorate the holiday table. She would make a bunch of paper napkin straws, place them in a small vase or crystal flute and set them on both sides of the table. This idea gives an essential style, and also, it is easy to use them during Easter lunch.

napkinseaster napkins

Another thing I put at each place setting is a symbol of Easter: the chocolate bunny. It’s the perfect little decoration that will make each place setting unique, and it’s a pleasant surprise that will make your friends and family feel cozy. In addition, decorative, ceramic bunny figurines and scented candles provide the perfect accent for my Easter table. I purchased them at Home Goods, and now they can be a centerpiece for my dining console or table setting. Decorative Easter eggs are so fun and a fresh spin to have at my Easter festivities this holiday.

bunnyeasterbunnybunny easter

There are so many Easter inspirations that can be done for your Easter table. Every year I try to come up with new ideas and inspiration for the decor of my Easter table to make my home cozy with spring-fresh spirit. As I mentioned before, always be you, simplify your ideas, and let your imagination grow happily after. Enjoy this amazing festival with your friends and family, be healthy and happy, and cheer new beginnings with a bubbly glass of champagne.


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