My son and I spent an amazing time collecting our lemons, some grapefruits, and oranges. As I mentioned in my other article, it has been our second harvest of lemons. When we came inside to look at them, we were debating what we should make. My husband and I are trying to get healthy for the new year, so we decided to try a recipe for lemon belly fat tea and of course make lemonade for Gordon.

The belly fat tea is really good for you, because it helps to get rid of water weight, helps with your circulation, and helps boost your metabolism. So my husband and I decided to try this out and realized we should use lemons from our yard to make this interesting tea.

First, to make lemonade, we did not want to use a sugary lemonade recipe, so instead we decided to make lemon-infused water. It’s much easier to make than lemonade and also tastes delicious after you let it sit for a little while.

lemon waterlemonade

The recipe is very simple:

First you get a large container and slice lemons leaving their skin on.

Then you add water and  fill it up with sliced lemons and maybe a couple other things like some strawberries or other sweet fruit to cut the sourness of the lemons. Let it sit.

After a few hours, the water is infused with the flavor of the lemons and the sweet fruits so it’s ready to drink.It’s very refreshing. Also, we try to limit the amount of refined sugar that our son eats and drinks, so this is a perfect alternative to sugary lemonade.

belly fat tea

lemon tea

Next we made belly fat tea:


12 oz water

⅛ tsp of cayenne pepper

1 whole lemon (cut in half)

Sweetener (optional)


Cut lemon in half, squeeze into water.

Boil water and lemon (peel included).

Add cayenne pepper to boiling water.

Let cool and drink.

Yields 1 serving

So we enjoy our lemon-infused water (lemonade) and healthy belly fat tea.


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