When I was debating about interior design at home, I got slightly thoughtful. There is so much design decoration information out there. Do you need a tip on how to get a modern design for a kid’s room? Instagram or Pinterest are ready to serve you immediately. Do you need a decoration hint for how to combine the modern style together for your living area or master bedroom? Just google any information and a million various choices, advice, and suggestions will pop up in front of your face with different prices. 

But all the information can be overwhelming and prices over the top. And still there are so many questions in your head. How do I start? What should I choose? And on and on and on. 

Frankly, when I think about my protected space, my home, I want to treat my special nest with grace and my own style. The style should always come from your inner world that reflects your dreams and visual result. I could decorate any of my rooms with just pictures or photography on the walls, but I am tired of having formulaic decor around the house. 

There were so many ideas and projects that came through my head when I brainstormed how to have something not-ordinary, just special on my hallway wall. This piece of hallway I painted in a warm-colored blush tone. So my idea was to add some cool elements that would make the hallway bigger and spacious at the same time. 

I was thinking, why not have butterflies along on my hallway wall. I found this composition elegant, stylish, and loveable. What kind of butterflies I should have on my wall was my next consideration: paper, plastic, ceramic, or porcelain butterflies? Of course, I knew instantly that decorative ceramic or porcelain butterflies will look beautiful fluttering on my hallway wall. 

My first decision was made. When I googled some ideas and images, I faced the financial cost. I realized that all these beautiful, handmade pieces are so expensive, and installation might hurt my wallet for sure. 

However, these decorative ceramic wall butterflies kept me on the alert every day. I could not stop thinking about having them on my hallway wall. So I decided to keep looking and googling the best prices and brainstorming ideas and outlining how to install them. 

Finally, I found great butterflies-in-flight artwork at grandinroad.com . Each handmade butterfly in the set of four, two small and two large, is sculpted with exquisite detail. I instantly visualized that this butterfly set of four would look amazing in an open frame on the wall and make a sense of movement for my home’s decor. 

Special Details to Know

  • Handmade, porcelain butterflies
  • One each of 3″W, 4″W, 5″W, and 6¼”W per set, designed to be hung and positioned individually
  • Each butterfly is equipped with an integrated nail hole for hanging
  • Matte finish
  • Set of four is $49, but do not hurry to buy it – wait for additional 30% off, as the site often offers discounts and sales

I was thrilled that these porcelain butterflies are easy to install and control the movements. For a more dramatic display, I decided to purchase several sets together to create a “float” above my head when I am walking through the hallway. 

Preparation and Installation

First, I measured my hallway wall to figure out how many sets I should purchase. My piece of wall’s dimensions are approximately 7 ft high × 8 ft wide. I purchased 7 boxes of decorative porcelain wall butterflies. It was enough to fill the hallway wall. 

To make butterflies in flight artwork, I used an example picture from the site to capture and install the idea to have a romantic touch. You can turn on your own imagination for how to decorate or style your vision. 

For installation, I just called my handyman. First, we marked the sports on the wall where I wanted the decorative porcelain butterflies to be placed, and he drilled screws in these marked spots. 

It didn’t take much time at all. The handyman was drilling screws, and I was using an example picture from the site to scheme the butterflies in flight for my artwork design. 

My Cost for Designing the Hallway Wall

7 sets of decorative porcelain wall butterflies at $49.00

Plus additional 30% off

So the total price of 7 sets is $229.00

Handyman cost per hour is $40.00

We spent two hours on collaborating on the project, so $80.00

My Total Cost of Decorative Porcelain Wall Butterflies cost me $309.

I can say that the hallway wall is my favorite accomplishment I have ever created. These beautiful porcelain butterflies really make the hallway look spacious and airy. They are also not permanent. Any time you can change colors whenever you feel like it. 

I decided to stick to the original butterfly matte design and tone. To make the hallway look modern and stylish, I purchased a white stand that looks like a tree trunk from HomeGoods and decorated it with a beautiful domestic plant that I purchased from Green Nursery. 

Hopefully, you will find my post useful and interesting. And maybe it is time to change your decor at home! 


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