You are Special!

Thinking of Inner and Outer Worlds.

Every human being has their own inner world that realistically distinguishes them from one human to another; moreover it is totally different from our outer world. Every thought we have, every detail in our brain, every dream we attract, all of the energy we give is what we call our inner world.

So, our inner world is a part of our brain which responds to our perception of our outer world. These perceptions of the outer world generally influence the developing of our inner world.

Can our inner world change? Yes, I think it can! Our thinking can vary within, every emotion we feel can influence our perception because within us exists consciousness.

So, every doubt you accept is your inner world that lives within you. Every fear you face is your inner world that rules you through it. What we experience; pain, jealousy, or happiness is an own creation of our outer world.

When we feel inner pain or misunderstanding, it tremendously effects our outer life, right! Some people experience such unpleasant circumstances, and later realize that the situation that left them in pain is their inner weakness that then orders their outer perception to be in pain. It’s our inner choice, inner beliefs and past experience that holds our inner world in pain that reflect negatively on our outer world.

Your inner world is your thoughts, aspirations, ideas, dreams, thinking, actions, and feelings.

So take the chance to unleash your inner world deeply with positive thoughts, future ideas, frankly dreams, valuable thinking, realistic actions and sincere feelings and you will find a great common ground between your inner and outer worlds.

We all are aware of these powerful elements of life, but rarely understand of its power.

Spread love, not hate and believe in your two amazing worlds that make YOU special!



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