There are so many articles and pictures you can find on Pinterest or Instagram to show you how to design your dream closet with various types of clothes that are essential for many women at any age. Moreover, if you have a hard time matching your clothes and figuring out what goes together, you can work with a personal assistant to help you design and build your dream wardrobe.

Nevertheless, I love creating stories of me, brainstorming ideas of me, designing the layout of me, and executing my thoughts into my perfect closet world that will reflect the New Me. I do not mean to design a $1 million closet. I mean to design a perfect place that could be an extra room or an extension of your bedroom. But this would be your personal exquisite place to relax and spend time alone or with your girlfriends who love talking about fashion like you.

walk in closet

Well, here in my article I will reveal my step-by-step strategy of how I designed my perfect closet for the New Me.

Turning an Extra Room into a Dream Closet

Each family member should have their own zone for working, studying, playing, or resting. My husband works from his home office, and it feels so great. He is able to spend more time with family and define his work time conveniently. Also, he loves resting, drinking coffee, and just spending his time in his office.

My son is a third grader. We arranged his kid’s office not far away from my husband’s. He loves having his own zone where he can read, study, play, and rest by himself. He designed his office room with trophies, certificates, and awards that reflect his life and taste perfectly.

To me, I decided to turn an extra room upstairs into my own zone, called a walk-in closet. I wanted to create a boutique atmosphere and not have just my wardrobe, but maybe even a salon room with a comfy loveseat, crystal chandelier, silk curtains on the window, and flowers around. Before I called Closet World for a quote, I designed the layout of the closet, keeping my design strategy of utmost practicality and convenience.

My walk-in closet room is the size of a standard room. No matter what the size or configuration, include the height for hanging clothes and the number of shelves. I drew my design plan visually (you can use a piece of paper and a pen to put all your ideas together), and knew instantly that on the left wall I wanted to build the shelves for my shoes, boots, and hats, and the right wall I wanted to use for my dresses and other clothing. When Closet World arrived to give us a quote, I was ready to discuss with them the price and layout of the closet.

Planning a dream closet is not easy but fun. Especially when you have your own specific budget, but still want your dream closet to be unique and glamorous. Because my walk-in closet is the size of a standard room, I decided to use a light-colored interior that will make my closet room bigger visually. I prefer light and subdued colors and tones. It always defines your target with better style and manner. My model of closet is simple and not pricey. Though I believe, after I accessorize my dream place with a chic crystal chandelier, comfy furniture, silky curtains, and other accessories, it will be a stylish closet that reflects my personality and spirit absolutely.

Combining Wardrobe and Style

Any successful wardrobe begins with planning and preparation. While Closet World was building my dream closet, on my end, I was going through my clothing to see what kind of clothes I wear every day, what I love to wear for dinner, and what clothes just sit there with the dust.

Building your wardrobe after 40 can be a challenge when it comes to clothing and appeal. According to me, I prefer three types of clothing: sporty, casual, and fashionable. All three types must be comfortable and stylish at the same type. Like Coco Chanel said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” I am happy that my dream walk-in closet is spacious and open, so I can find any pieces that appeal to me more easily than before and match them perfectly with shoes and other accessories.

So when my walk-in closet was ready to use, my favorite part was arranging my three favorite styles of clothing accordingly. The first style I arranged was evening dresses, classy jumpsuits and pants, stylish skirts and blouses: the apparel that I would wear to a birthday party, restaurant, or special occasion. I am a fashionista and have favorite designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. I shop smartly and always look for a great deal. My favorite sites for online shopping are

The RealReal, Gilt, Rue La La, Farfetch, The Outnet, and Moda Operandi.


I had so much fun organizing my stylish outfits and trying my fashionable dresses on. I felt so girly, like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, when she had a wedding photo shoot wearing the feather fluffy flowery wedding dress by Vera Wang, the glossy silk white dress with astonishing details by Carolina Herrera, the classy luxurious dress from the land of royalties by Dior, the lace dress that never is out of style by Oscar de la Renta, and finally, the dream dress by Vivienne Westwood. I love being romantic, and I am a big dreamer. You can tell, right:)

My next style I worked on was sporty clothing. Often I have been asked what kind of sports clothes I usually like to wear. I prefer comfortable and high quality clothing that will express my style and my personality together. I can say that sporty clothing is one of my favorite styles, because this style reflects my inner sense perfectly.

Because I love working out and casually looking comfy and sexy, I choose my sporty pieces carefully and mindfully. My favorite sport designers are Lucas Hugh, Adidas by Stella McCartney, Fenty by Puma, and my most favorite and comfortable, Lorna Jane. These brands are amazing, made from high quality materials, and designed stylishly and comfortably. I usually love working out in Lorna Jane clothes. This activewear brand is fun to wear; moreover, its quality of fabric is so stretchy but also firm, so that it allows my body to feel great and comfortable during exercise. It is very important to me that my workout clothes fit me well during my cardio or when I work out with weights.


And I believe, if you wear the right clothes for your workout, you will have a better chance of a positive impact for your workout. Workout clothes, like any fashionable clothes, can increase your energy and push your goals higher. Living in harmony and satisfaction can change your world and outlook. And I think the right choice of our appeal can help us to enjoy our lives more.

The last style I arranged was casual clothing. I usually wear sporty clothes on a daily basis, but who does not like comfy and stylish jeans, sweaters, cardigans, vests, and outerwear? My most casual apparel is comprised of seasonal clothing. When I started organizing my casual seasonal clothes, it made such a big difference to me in my walk-in closet. I made sure that I used the closet space smartly, because this type of clothing takes more space for sure.


I placed all my jeans, sweaters, cardigans, and other casual clothes on the floor, to go through. On the right side I placed the “Gotta Have It” pieces, and on the left side I tossed the “Make It Stop” pieces. So at the end I would know what to donate and what to store in my walk-in closet.

Organizing Shoes, Booties, and Tall Boots

As I mentioned before, the left wall of my walk-in closet was arranged for shoes and accessories. Before I started storing my shoes and boots, I divided them into several groups:

  • evening
  • casual
  • seasonal

I left the first two upper rows of my wall shelves for my accessories and started storing my dressy shoes. As an absolute fashionista, my favorite designers for evening shoes are

  • Giuseppe Zanotti
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Dior
  • Charlotte Olympia
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Sophia Webster
  • Dolce & Gabbana


Working on organizing my evening collection is always an unforgettable time for me. The shoe-world always holds a special place in my heart, as does handbags. Any shoe-masterpieces can make your boring outfit just amazing, along with a matching handbag and jewelry. It is also a great investment. The value and quality of these masterpieces are so high and always on trend, even when you decide to resell them.

Underneath my evening collection, I arranged my casual sandals, flat shoes, sport sneakers, and casual booties accordingly. The casual-sporty shoes collection is very important to have. First of all, they are so comfortable to walk in; moreover, I call them supportive shoes, because they can improve your posture, help you to workout in the gym, and save more time walking faster when you are in a hurry. Wow, we need them on a daily basis.

On a very bottom shelf, I left some space for my tall boots that I love wearing in the fall and winter seasons. Every woman must have a great pair, or several, of tall boots. It might be hard to believe, but wearing a nice pair of boots can make your outfit appear stylish and edgy. Wearing tall boots always brings comfort and satisfaction. In addition, complete your stylish look with a classy fedora hat, nice handbag, and lambskin gloves.

Organizing and Arranging My Accessories

As I mentioned before, the top rows on my left wall, I left for my elegant hats and classy handbags. I am very picky about these fashionable elements. Because the hats are very noticeable, essential, and different pieces of fashion. As Coco Chanel said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” I do not have a large collection of hats, but when it comes to completing my outfit, I prefer to wear classy and elegant headwear.

maison mitchel

When I find a perfect bag that reflects my style and fashion, I feel like I am in love again. The right handbag accessory is a very significant chapter for any woman. Our handbag reflects our passion; moreover, handbags can become our private place of inspiration. My favorite brands are

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Chanel

Iconic handbags have a timeless story, and I feel like I am a part of their story within. Each of my handbags, I choose carefully with love and attraction. I choose to be loved and styled by the fashion world. And I am happy to have my own stylish space for my closet.


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