Flawless skin, silken hair, and elegant style let us women fall into the world of grace and harmony. When I think about style secrets and elements of outer beauty, I unwittingly wonder and dream about perfume: a special perfume, the special perfume. I am sure that every woman has her own image of her personal perfume that will discover and reveal her inner and outer elegance. I think it is so significant to find a velvety scent for your soul and body and diffuse its smell in various directions. 

To me, discovering your own scent is like building an aura of light that will live endlessly in you and stay thriving in your heart with innovative stories. Classically speaking, what is really the most French of French perfume? What kind of French perfume we can usually find on the dressing table of women over 40? It can be a puzzle, don’t you think?

bottle FBFlowerbomb

My scent, first of all, is the internal state of my soul. My internal state can be defined by how I feel and what I desire: To be loved! To be wanted! To be admired! The perfume I want to talk about today is seductively inspiring and amazing and very loved by many of us: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

This amazing fragrance I received for the first time from my beloved husband for my birthday. The silken pink box styled with my personal style was waiting for me on the cocktail table. I remembered the romantic aura present in the air, and eagerly I was unwrapping this silken pink box. Even touching the smooth coating of the box, I already sensed that Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf would immediately awaken my deepest perception. 

holding FBsmellFB

Feeling the elegant bottle in my hands, I can compare it to accepting a bouquet of beautiful flowers for the first time. Tenderly, I opened the fragrance and gently sprayed towards my left wrist. When I inhaled its scent, the magical explosion released a profusion of elegant flowers that has the sophistication and subtlety to turn everything into a fairy tale. 

The Flowerbomb’s scent brings elegance, seductiveness, and sensuality. Wearing this fragrance will only enhance your inner and outer beauty, awaken your deepest senses, and take you away from reality, bringing you into the world of Sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid and ballerina freesia bloom.

desirablefrench scent

Whoever falls in love with this beauty will turn into a modern woman who cares about the latest fashion and elegance and wants to be loved and desired. Personally, for me, having this scent in my collection is a divine presence of love. Its smell is heavenly and light and awakens anyone who walks next to you. Moreover, the scent is so powerful that anyone immediately can tell a woman who is wearing Flowerbomb. It is an unforgettable beauty for your soul and body. 

Welcome to the Flowerbomb fragrance, a world of beauty and admiration!


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