“Fashion is my passion!”

I hear this every time I ask my friends about their vision for fashion. When I think about my world of fashion, I see a picture of my awesome family. It is like a classic, old-fashioned magazine with different colorful and adventurous pages. Each time I turn a page over, I get new ideas, concepts, vibes, or styles. I can say that fashion has helped me to find my inner strength, overcome my shyness, win myself, and become a better mom.

Fashion brings various influences to our lives. When I was younger, I took fashion for granted. I just wanted to look cool and sexy. Now the concept of fashion has become more profound for me, because of parenting. My personality has definitely changed through my parenting years, and my fashion was changing with me as well.


In my late 20s and early 30s, when I used to go the supermarket or a casual get-together with friends, I would dress uncomfortably, a little bit overdressed. Now when I go to casual public places, I make sure I dress more relaxed and comfy. It is difficult to say whether my fashion has changed because of my age or due to a transformation during motherhood.

During motherhood, my style and appeal have been changing daily. And I love that fact, because motherhood is not only about changing diapers or breastfeeding. We have enough stress and pressure to deal with on a daily basis. In my opinion, motherhood after age 35 gave me a chance to understand the importance of being Mom. It includes the widest aspects of parenting academically, educationally, fashionably, and aesthetically.



I am very excited that today, elegance is a new trend for me as a mom, and I enjoy it openly. I am really happy that designers pay more attention to emphasizing femininity. I am glad that elegance and grace came back to the fashion world again. This style is not only delicate, it is also comfortable and convenient.

Fashion and mommies are inseparable. Who said that mommies cannot be elegant and beautiful at any age and circumstance? Nonsense! My son loves to watch me and advise me on what to wear a dress or blouse with. In return, I teach him how to combine the colors of an outfit to look trendy.


If we are going to a nice restaurant, my son and I always discuss his outfit. I teach him the easiest way to match colors so his outfit will look elegant and stylish. His favorite color is red, and if he wants to wear a red shirt, he likes to have white or tan slacks with white or tan shoes to go with it.

I think it is great when mommies pay attention to fashion for boys, because sometimes daughters get more of the attention when it comes to style. I try to pass on my fashion taste and knowledge to my son. It will help him to dress, not only comfortable but also elegant, multifunctional, and confident because he will always look his best.


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