Have you ever thought what fashion and cooking can have in common?

I am a mommy of a 9-year-old boy. Moreover, as many mamas do, I love fashion and love cooking various kinds of cuisine for my son.

Cooking and fashion are two essential aspects of my daily life. Recently I was wondering what these two substantial things can have in common to design a recipe for the perfect style?

leaves dressveggies

The Quality of Authentic Materials

When I cook a certain dish, I always make sure that my ingredients are fresh, high quality, and flavorful. Cooking always takes time to reach the desired result and to be loveable and approved by your family members. For these reasons, I always brainstorm my ideas, flavor, and appearance before I start cooking a designable dish.

The same rules apply when I shop or design my full look. When I design my fashion look for a special event, I always pay attention to each detail: quality, uniqueness, and style with a multicultural flavor. This fashion mode will make my look incredible and delicious.

Budget Is Not a Big Matter

I love spreading black caviar on a puffy pancake or having any other gourmet food, of course. But it is not necessary to have all these goodies when you cook your daily food. I can prepare a delicious meal made from regular ingredients: pasta, bread, or cheese are so tasty as well.

The same process goes in the fashion world. To create an amazing outfit for going to dinner or a birthday, I do not use only designer brands. I can have a classy simple dress accessorized with luxurious accents from Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana. And I can still look fabulous and impressive.

Simplicity Is Everything

My family loves going to restaurants to relax and try different cuisines. What I noticed sometimes is that the most extravagant dish can be so tasty at first and feel heavy afterwards. Ironically, a simple dish may win, often because of simple ingredients used like tomatoes, hot bread, or a tasty salad.

The same patterns are used in styling and fashion. When I elaborate my fashion outfit, I take a complex vision and execute it fully in style and quantity of accessories. Occasionally, I go beyond and forget about elegance and that touch of taste. So I realized that less is more, and surprisingly, less takes me to another level of grace and helps me to look classy and fabulous.

simple orange dressred tomatoes

Color Matching

A professional chef knows how to impress customers with his signature dish. The presentation of his dish is a significant element that gives us eaters an extra point to enjoy morning brunch or evening supper. An authentic chef definitely knows how to design his dish using colorful ingredients on a plate. For example, having delicious yellow polenta with wood-grilled salmon on the top decorated with grilled purple and orange carrots and green asparagus.

The fashion world is full of amazing, colorful patterns and style. I do not go with only black patterns. I love playing with colors in fashion mode. I always choose the colors of my outfits that emphasize myself at a particular vibe. I can wear a beautiful classy yellow dress, add an elegant black beret with a yellow flower on it and have black classy shoes with a subtle handbag in my hands. This collaboration will look luxurious and fashionable.

Time of Day

From day to day, we all have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These three meals a day are important for our daily time and routine. For breakfast, I can have a simple omelette with a cup of coffee or tea, for lunch I can have a light sandwich with fruits on the side, and for dinner I can have a light salad with any seafood or meat on top, accessorizing my meal with a glass of red wine or bubbly champagne.

I observe the same method in fashion and style. The time of the day, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner associates with types of style like sporty, casual, and evening. For morning breakfast, I usually wear sporty outfits like shorts and T-shirts. For lunch time, I prefer casual types of clothing like jeans or a simple dress. For dinner time, it is always great to look elegant or sexy. I love to wear one of my favorite dresses, accessorizing my look with matching shoes and handbag.

pink dresspink ice-cream

Have you ever thought that there were so many similarities in these two incredible worlds of fashion and cooking? If we jump deeply into the world of beauty and taste, we can be inspired by citrus lemons or spring flowers and visually see our outfits in a lemon or flower print. Like Dolce & Gabbana’s amazing collections that brought tasty fruits and colorful foods into women’s lives with their new styles.


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