Vegas is one of my favorite places to expose my fashion, taste and style. This place is absolutely incredible, and I have some special memories as fashionista, traveler, and food taster from this place. Sin City has a vibrant energy that attracts my creative world every time I think of going there to enjoy the stay. I moved to the United States in 2001, and my first trip to Vegas was in 2002. Since then, I knew I would be coming to this city again and again. And it is true. My fashion and style journey has continuously changed every time I travel to Sin City since my first time. 

Like the fashion world, Vegas is moving on too. Powerful Vegas is growing wider and higher. There are so many new hotels that have been opening over the last few years. The strip’s style takes us bravely ahead, and more new, interesting places greet tourists and travelers with their hospitality and friendly manner. 


If you ever travel to Vegas, you should stop and check out a new cool place: Eataly at Park MGM. This place is fantastic! The market and entire place are themed well and have no sounds of a casino. It offers high-quality Italian food and drink from all regions of Italy. The place is 40,000 square feet, where you can observe a dozen counters, several bars, and a marketplace. Eataly offers a variety of food and drink selection for everybody. 

cheese in eatalyvariety of cheesesrolling dough

My son loves Italian pasta, so we ordered some homemade pasta buttered with delicious sauce and chilled at a counter table. There were so many people coming in and out. The atmosphere was just perfect and friendly. It was so fun to observe how the pastry chef made dough, rolling it in and out to make pizza for everybody. The selection of cheeses and meats were incredible. The cheese shop has 200+ varieties sourced from across the world. We were happy to experience authentic flavorful food and amusing surroundings.

wine selectionwine bar selection

Having a glass of bubbly champagne, looking at small shops, observing people taking pictures of their families or friends made me realize the importance of being happy and the significance of being appreciated. A real epic energy lives in each corner of this city, and I am extremely happy to explore and experience the authentic ideas of this incredible city. 


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