It’s not a surprise for my close circle of people what I love in fashion, style, beauty, or even in certain food and cuisines. The entire world is so opened for people, travelers, tasters, or fashionistas. We would all enjoy drinking bubbly champagne in a hectic Parisian restaurant, trying tasty cultural cuisine, or walking among the small, narrow streets in Venice. In recent days, fashion has become an essential key during traveling or even in experiencing different cultural cuisines.

I am not an exception when it comes to designing a stylish image for a delightful night where I can enjoy my great dinner in style. Saturday night is a perfect day of the week for doing this. It is the best time to celebrate a friend’s birthday or just enjoy quiet time with your significant one. In my case, I celebrated my gorgeous girlfriend’s birthday with friends and my husband at Ocean Prime.

ocean primewith hubby at OPDG set

Well, it is time to discuss my outfit made by Dolce & Gabbana. I think this floral-print stretch-cotton set is perfect for celebrating my friend’s birthday at Ocean Prime. I bought this gorgeous outfit last year and was waiting for the perfect time to wear it. When I go out with my girlfriends, or my husband invites me for dinner, I always think about my whole look, including my makeup as well.

We arrived at Ocean Prime 10 minutes early, so we decided to have fun and take as many pictures as we can.

I love Ocean Prime, Beverly Hills. This unique restaurant is one of those places that is unforgettable with its tasty food, special service, and great atmosphere. The whole of the restaurant is just spectacular with timeless elegance. Everywhere I turn, I can see happy visitors, friendly hosts, and thoughtful waiters. Every time I go there, I have an incredible time.

My special love for Ocean Prime is derived from years living in Tampa, Florida, where I had my first and best experience ever. I was thrilled when Ocean Prime opened in Beverly Hills back in fall 2014. This award-winning modern American restaurant is very famous for its highest quality seafood, finest prime steaks, handcrafted cocktails, and just unbelievable list of wines from different places and countries.

ahi tunasteak at OP

Another reason why Ocean Prime deserves being loved by customers and visitors is its food made from scratch. The design of any dishes is simple, pure, and flavorful. Moreover, its dessert menu looks extravagant and homemade.

I can’t not mention the exclusive atmosphere with warm woods and charming lighting. Also, I was amazed by its spacious terrace, where its design just thrilled my heart and chilled my soul at the same time. I love enjoying my supper on the Ocean Prime terrace when the weather is perfectly fine, the fresh warm air surrounds the terrace, and I can lean on a comfy couch and enjoy a good glass of red wine.


Now, you can understand why I am in love with Ocean Prime, Beverly Hills. We had a blast. We laughed, chatted, drank Moet champagne with tasty ahi tuna tartare and Sonoma goat cheese ravioli appetizers. For the main course, I enjoyed succulent Chilean sea bass, while my girlfriends loved their timeless filet mignon and my husband ordered his favorite New York strip with mushrooms and asparagus on the side. To complete our dinner choices, a nice reserved red wine helped.

I must tell you about Ocean Prime dessert heaven. By the way, all desserts are homemade and made with love. I highly recommend you try the chocolate peanut butter pie and ten-layer carrot cake. The desserts taste heavenly good, melting in your mouth so expectation is highly satisfied.

Do not hesitate! Do not wait for long! Choose any day to go to Ocean Prime to get the most delightful experience ever, enjoy any signature dish with style, bring your own fashion mode, and share Ocean Prime’s atmosphere with your family, friends, or spouse.


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