I have been living in California for five years. We moved here from the east coast and never regretted it. This is one of those states that I can hardly find the words to describe the beauty of its nature. The sparkles of the ocean’s waves spread from Malibu Beach through Santa Monica and the shores of Venice. The fashion world that revolves around Beverly Hills cannot leave you indifferent. I have never thought that one day I would not only to be able to breath Cali’s air. I will live and enjoy this luxurious place every day and consider it as my home. I certainly feel, I am not the only one who feels this way.

Living the California dream changed not only my essence, it changed my style and inner satisfaction. My attraction has always been to style and fashion. I loved classical music since an early age and performed music on the piano starting when I was six years old. My style and dreams were born at that moment in my previous life and continue to grow in my not-settled-yet inner perception. Composing my own music, I would always imagine my own style, what kind of dress I would wear and what kind of perfume I would apply. Appreciating life with its unique places and contrasts, understanding the concept of couture fashion—I think I learned these in my previous life without knowing Me yet.


Why am I writing you all this? Maybe because I want to express my feelings and style so you can understand me more. My style can be aromatic like an Eden rose, it can be sexy for the evening moon. “Night is the part of the day with more possibilities,” a designer says, maybe from a very elegant romantic city of Italy. Yes, your assumption is right, I am talking about the incredible Dolce & Gabbana style. I want to tell you about my favorite look that inspires me the most and gives me more reasons to love my life fully.

I fell in love with Dolce & Gabbana at an early age, and not surprisingly I continue falling in love more and more with every collection that I know, from head to toe. The look I want to talk about is a Rose Organza Midi Skirt and Dolce & Gabbana Blend Silk Lace Top from the Spring/Summer ‘18 collection. It is impossible not to be delighted with the amazing designer’s approach to florals. The silk organza skirt displays elegant Eden roses and butterflies. The voluminous skirt falls from a gathered waist seam. When I wear this luxurious piece, I feel like a princess from a fairy tale. The pink silk and cotton blend floral camisole is a great complement to the skirt. The style is enhanced by its lace chest plate that makes the floral top more sophisticated. I am obsessed with THIS elegant look and inspired by the designer’s spirit and talent.



Now let’s talk about how I prefer to feature and wear this look. Because this look brings joy and luxurious attraction, I love wearing these two pieces on a beautiful day for afternoon tea. Summer atmosphere, porcelain pots, and delicious mini sweets and sandwiches always bring a spectacular time, and my favorite look from Dolce & Gabbana helps to enhance this enjoyable experience. This amazing look is not only luxurious and elegant, it is very comfortable as well. Besides, I love wearing it for a romantic dinner, friend’s wedding, or friend’s birthday party to bring a little Italian fashion and enjoy myself in that moment.


For the shoes, I always go for high heels by Giuseppe Zanotti that embrace Italian style. Choosing the same floral Dolce & Gabbana clutch is an amazing decision, because its lovely presence emphasizes the importance of the entire look. My Fendi cat-eye rose-mirrored sunglasses are the best choice to stand out and express my present perception. I really enjoy my total look. What do you think, guys?


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