I am a Woman. I am 45 years old. I am a Mom 24/7.

These three significant categories are like my three best girlfriends for a lifetime.

What does it mean to be a Woman? This question I asked myself in my late twenties. I strove to find success in a career, to achieve my set goals, and obtain satisfaction. Did I have fears or doubts? Yes, of course. They are a part of any human being’s lives. However, I went beyond my fears and doubts to define my true womanhood. Simply put, being a woman is being a human first. Being a woman means following your mindset, your body movement, and your personal outlook.

What does it mean to be a Woman over 40? That can be a scary number for many of us. The difference is in how we expect this number and how we express our outlook to the world. I can tell you the older I become, the wiser and more capable I grow. Do I have my fears and doubts as well? Yes, I do. They are an indubitable part of womanhood. Nevertheless, I embrace my world with patience and grace. I learn how to enjoy every moment of life. I keep an endless serenity in my soul to grow higher.


What does it mean to be a Mom 24/7 over 40? It is simply AMAZING and RESTLESS! I am still learning how to be a mom. I am still figuring out the steps to develop a ladder of communication for success. I always keep in mind that my son is not only my kid, he is a human being with his own personality, outlook, and point of view.

Having hectic days of school, homework, and other activities, I do not have enough time to communicate to my son in a spiritual way, to find out how he feels or what kind of needs he experiences. Therefore, before he goes to sleep, we always talk about how the day went and what he liked and disliked about the day.


Teaching your kids how to share their feelings is very significant and useful, for both kids and parents. It teaches us to be open and honest, and it gives you a chance to get closer spiritually and personally. Sharing rainy and sunny days together helps my son to realize that adults have both sunny and rainy days, as well as kids.

Defining yourself can be very complex and sophisticated in many ways. I am still seeking the best answers when I ask myself personal questions. I am still looking for the best solutions when I have challenging days as Mommy. And I am still growing and developing my skills to be the best woman I can be, since I have many years left.


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