As a good mom, I strongly believe in a healthy, smart breakfast that I cook every morning for my son. A good breakfast is the most important meal of the day for adults and children. And we moms should never forget about it.

Once, my son’s teacher asked me, “How come Gordon does not have any snacks in his backpack?” She was surprised when I told her that every morning he eats a solid breakfast that fills him up till lunchtime. At first I thought she did not believe me, as I know most of the kids do not eat breakfast at all. Especially since when you are a full-time working mom, you do not have time to cook breakfast for your kid every day.


Why is breakfast so significant for kids in the morning?

There are several reasons why your kid must have a healthy breakfast on a daily basis.

1. Brain Power

When I cook breakfast, I always make sure to balance it smartly with proper ingredients. What kids eat can be very crucial. Usually, I use or mix ingredients that Gordon loves to eat. Ingredients that are rich in whole grains, fiber, calcium, and protein. This works perfectly for my son. It boosts his attention span, concentration, and memory during class.

2. Weight Control

Kids’ weight issues can be a very fundamental topic in many families. Therefore, breakfast keeps a kid’s weight under control. Plus, it saves our kids from stomach complaints related to hunger.

3. Happy Vibes

Sometimes my son forgets to eat breakfast when weekends come. And right away I notice how his mood changes. His metabolism slows down, he is moody and cranky immediately. His mood and energy can drop instantly. So this weekend’s experience helps me to remember how important breakfast is.

So if you want to keep your kid happy and active, do not forget to cook breakfast everyday. It helps our kids to do well in school, boost their energy, and keep them active and attentive in class during the day.

I think it is time to reveal several of my easy breakfast meals that I cook for my son on a daily basis. I always make sure that my breakfast ingredients are fresh, liked by my son, and still easy and fast to cook.


My son’s most favorite breakfast ideas are

  1. Scrambled eggs, mixed with milk
  2. French toast with fruit on top, soaking in egg whites (can be a whole egg too)
  3. Peanut butter whole grain sandwich
  4. Whole grain spaghetti with marinara
  5. Whole grain cereal with almond milk

I strongly believe that we mommies can show our kids how significant breakfast can be. Just simply washing an apple or peeling a banana with a glass of almond milk or dairy milk can change our kids’ habits and lives and helps to develop a strong brain for their lifetime.


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