It’s said so many quotes about fashion and style that we as women of a certain age, always looking for a change in style or challenge when it comes to reaching our golden years.

Indeed, age has no bearing on how we dress anymore. The days are gone when we had to look a certain way and I love exploring my fashion dreams in my own way.

My fashion revolution happened when I stepped in my world of 40 and found my restless desire to evolve my love for brave fashion.

Some misconceptions exist that aging and fashion do not go well together; that as we get older somehow it is taboo to look sensual or desirable.

Well it is not true and frankly I am more opened about my personal fashion sense than I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

I love having a certain sense in style and grace. Opening my heart towards the new importance of self-care that never goes out of style.

Certain women may be afraid to accept their age status and most of time they feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

This photograph reveals my inner style mixed with classic approach and my hidden sensuality. I love that my photographer Leire could capture perfectly my innovative outlook that lives in my heart with new power.

Expressing our fashionable voice makes us women unique and gives us the ability to age in reverse!


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