When you jump into parenting life, suddenly it regulates your mind and thinking. I mean, parenting is what’s best for your kids’ social and educational lives. Like many parents, I always intently observe what my son is capable of and what kind of potential he has to continue developing. Since he was born, I sensed his strong potential for sports. I anticipated that sports would change his vision of childhood and build his self-esteem stronger, developing his social skills and leadership skills at the same time.

I was not mistaken. My son loves so many types of sports. He started swimming when he was 13 months old. We brought him to taekwondo school when he was three and a half years old. Last summer we signed him up for water polo at eight years old. Also, he likes playing soccer, flag football, and baseball as well.

Gordon Gorilla

Recently, my son has found a new passion: basketball. When Gordon turned four years old, we signed him up for a local basketball program. He liked playing with the ball and being around kids, but at this age, he did not really understood the sport. We decided to take a break and brought him back when he turned six. During his first dribbling practice, he had an accident and broke his elbow. He had a fear of going back to learn basketball for two years.

When he turned eight, he strongly decided to give it another shot and learn basketball techniques. We always support his outlook and decisions, so once again we signed him up to Starting5 Training Facility in Santa Clarita, California. This school operates an elite basketball development program. The great story and passion behind Starting5 is NBA shooting coach and former Los Angeles Laker, Mike Penberthy.

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Basketball techniques are very important, and Gordon always enjoys working with the knowledgeable staff of coaches who are well prepared and the best of the best. In every class, my son receives tremendous knowledge and guidance in his individual growth. His higher basketball IQ is growing consistently and his desire to become the best of the best is taking off strongly to achieve his own goals.

Basketball has become an essential part of my son’s life. He realized that with persistence and practice, his knowledge and technique will improve further. He set his goals for himself first and pursued them gradually, not even realizing it yet. Once he told me, “Mommy, I want to be an NBA player! To achieve this level, I have to practice, practice, and practice!” I encourage my son and make sure he knows that anything he decides to do or achieve in the future, he has to stick to it and give all his strength and desire to that particular business.


As an active parent, I am always involved and talking with my son about his sport and educational life. To me, these two significant aspects are so valuable and will take my son to the next level of strength and belief. I am very proud of his many accomplishments, wins and defeats. I am constantly talking to him about what will help him develop his skills and capacities to achieve success in life. The lessons learned during children’s sports will shape values and behaviors for adult life.


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