I dedicate this post to all amazing women who value friendship, love and sincerity!

A woman at any age has her own charm:

At age 20, she has her youth, inexperience and is full of ambitions and enthusiasm. She loves life organically and freely.

One of my close friend’s mother said: ”Every girl is so beautiful in her own way because they are young and innocent!” And it’s true!

In her 20’s and above, she does not need to use much make up because her skin is naturally radiant and flawless.

She looks just fabulous in many fashionable styles and can be adorable in elegant or sporty outfits.

In her 30’s, she transforms into a young lady with a different mindfulness and an innovative self-image.

It might be marital status or long-awaited motherhood. She is like a rosebud that is blooming and transforming into a beautiful rose with a stronger outlook and purpose.

Her behavior and status take on another level in body language, fashion, taste, career perception and achieving her own self-sufficient sense is another mission of life.

classy black dress

At 40 and above, she really knows her life’s mission that comes along with her maturity, self-knowledge and self-awareness.

I love being a woman over 40! It’s a period of matureness and freedom of stereotypes! Ha!

Being a woman over 40 is like a succulent grape who knows how to present herself and have a deeper inner world of comprehending herself. The more mature and wiser she becomes, she immediately can see people’s true colors when her eyes lay upon them.

She is walking in her 40’s with special confidence and dignity!

The image of her lifestyle takes her to a summit of desirable purpose. Her image embraces her inner and outer world. Everything has a meaning; gestures, gesticulations, and body language.

Being just beautiful and fashionable are not enough to reach a harmony of an image.

I often meet women in elegant outfits, classy makeup and with proper manners, but sometimes with a narcissistic attitude.

It’s very important to build a special foundation of self with grace and style, inner values and respect, and the right understanding of certainty.


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