About Janna

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Hello and thank you for landing your eye on my After40mommy blog. My name is Janna Baker, and I am 46 years old. I am a wife and full-time Mommy. I am so excited to start blogging about beauty, fashion, and family life for women over 40. I will be discussing my love for fashion, cooking, traveling, reading, working out, and spending time with my spontaneous family.

I was raised in Siberia, Russia, but I relocated to the United States in order to study English and pursue and achieve big dreams. Even when I was studying computer science, I always had an unconditional love of fashion and beauty that I inherited from my mother, who was raised in Ukraine.

What’s more, I always dreamed about having a strong and solid family to bring up and pursue our family goals together. I have always been passionate about my life and became more fascinated and appreciative after 40.

I am looking forward to meeting all Moms and women who are eager to share their accomplishments or challenges, hobbies or habits, happiness or depression, and ups or downs.

I have decided to start blogging for many reasons. First, because I believe that Mommies who are 40 plus deserve to be rewarded. Who said that Moms after 40 cannot be sexy, successful, and well regarded. Let’s break these boundaries, and talk about any topic that is significant for women 40 and over.


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