Reading books plays a substantial role in kids’ lives. It helps them develop stronger focus and educate their minds. Besides, when kids read their favorite books, it also lets them obtain positive emotions. Kids’ interests differ from adults’ interests, so we, parents, should always be aware of what our kids love to enjoy and not discourage them for the long-term. There are three reasons why we, parents, must teach an understanding of the importance of reading to our kids: getting powerful knowledge, preparing for college, and educating their self-awareness to become a great entrepreneur.

Getting Powerful Knowledge

Every parent knows that knowledge is a powerful thing that gives tremendous strength to kids to become better as individuals, smarter as human beings, and successful as entrepreneurs. Kids are so excited and extensive in their young vision that with the right words and proper approach we, parents, can assist them to succeed further in the future.

Also, knowledge helps kids to discipline their mental thinking and find a niche and stick to it. The powerful knowledge of reading creates an enormous change in growing kids’ stability. Moreover, it is a great tool for a higher standard in their lives.


Preparing for College

Another reason why reading a book is very useful is because this skill assists kids in preparing for college. When kids understand from an early age the importance of reading and attending college, it will assist them to build their career and opportunities over the long-term of their lives. Kids should be aware from an early age that taking a class test or participating in classwork is part of their daily responsibilities. But the important way to be prepared for college is to read.

I will be honest, my son thought that reading was less important than other school obligations, and I had to explain to him that outside reading is very crucial during the college process and he has to be prepared and encouraged from a young age.

Also, I explained to him that reading skills assist in:

  • Enhancing vocabulary
  • Enhancing comprehension
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Making a better writer
  • Relaxing in difficult periods
  • Achieving desired goals

All these advantages and possibilities kids can obtain through the reading process. My son knows the importance of reading, but sometimes, he has a hard time reading every day and comprehending the book. And it is ok. I cannot force him to continue reading in a negative way. I always try to understand what is wrong and why my son does not want to continue reading. However, before I change the book or give him a break, I explain why reading is important and how it will help him grow higher in the future.

My simple tips for how I keep my son interested in reading:

  • I try to keep it positive
  • I am a role-model of reading for my kid
  • I always let my son find an interesting book to read
  • I do not push my son when he has a bad day

books and collegepreparing for college

Educating Self-Awareness to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Once, my son said that he wants to be a smart and successful man and build his own path. He still does not know what he wants to become when he grows up. But the idea to succeed at his dreams is already a huge deal for me to begin explaining to him what is important first to accomplish his goal.

I try to teach my son not to waste time, always focus on substantial priorities for his age and time. Many people do many things every day but never learn anything. And I try to show my son the difference between having a great reading skill and taking the knowledge further and doing some secondary daily things and staying at the same spot.

Often, I tell him if he wants to be professional in his choices and career, he has to read. I tell my son that, of course, some learning comes from us parents and teachers right now, but also it comes from reading books. Reading allows kids to stand higher, learn how to educate their self-awareness, and succeed in their dreams and purposes.

reading books

Obviously, success comes with a great reading skill. Books help kids to succeed at becoming a great entrepreneur and educate their self-awareness. Reading can provide kids with the right knowledge, new thinking, and entrepreneur skills, such as:

  • Making great decisions faster
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Improving memory
  • Developing literacy
  • Speaking intelligently
  • Developing strategic thinking
  • Boosting brain power
  • Helping to build confidence

Getting powerful knowledge, preparing kids for college, and educating their self-awareness to become a successful entrepreneur are three essential reasons why we, parents, should pay significant attention to get our kids to read a book. Let’s give the world to our kids, where they can accomplish their purposes and goals, creating their own empire of life and leading their lives toward great education, successful knowledge, and personal growth.


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