Hello hello beautiful mommies and ladies:)

Did you celebrate your Valentine’s yesterday or you’ve decided to go out and have a Valentines glass of red wine tonight like I have? I think most of families are going out tonight instead of last night. Most of schools have presidents day weekend.  It is always nice to have a longer weekend; kids happy and parents are happy too!

Also, I did some beauty preparation yesterday; I have my nails done, went to the gym, and this morning I went to see my amazing hair stylist Mandi who’s just so great and knows what is good on me and how to make me feel beautiful!


So, how do you like my hair? What do you think about my new highlights and also, I really want to look fabulous tonight for our Valentine’s dinner and I have my extensions on. By the way if you want to have a great quality extensions, go to luxyhair.

They have so many different hair collections, styles and sizes. I bought seamless extensions that perfectly fit to my real hair, looks natural on me and I am very happy with my choice. Well, as I mentioned before, I am getting ready to have a nice Valentine’s dinner with my significant one.

My other significant, I mean my son Gordon, is going to have fun with his friends and Master Lee at Taekwondo tonight. Usually, we all go out together. But because of tonight is  “parents night out” at Taekwondo, we decided to take this chance and relax; just the two of us.

So guys, now I need your help what should I wear tonight.

I have three Valentine’s outfit choices:

1. An elegant, vintage dress designed by Torn by Kobo. I think I purchased this dress from Gilt Groupe. I love this dress and it design with two opened areas from both sides. It makes my body look slender and I feel really beautiful. Of course, I will add some accessories such as black lace boots from Dolce&Gabbana and a nice small bag from Christian Louboutin.

2. Classy Jumpsuit that I bought it from Outnet. It’s designed by Goat. So, adding some accessories like a hat from Rag & Bone and a classy Chanel bag will make this outfit outstanding, right.

3. My last choice is a sexy lace bodysuit designed by Ganni and elegant black wool pants from Dolce&Gabbana. I think, my classy black boots from Giuseppe Zanotti and elegant wool hat will make this outfit fantastic.

Well, what’s your favorite one? What do you think I should wear for Valentine’s dinner tonight? Please just leave your comments below for me.

I am going to get ready. And my final look you will see soon. I am so excited to have a nice romantic dinner with my husband; just the two of us !

Guess which outfit I picked for my final Valentine’s look?

I decided to wear my first Valentine’s outfit choice. This elegant vintage dress by Torn by Kobo fits me perfectly and turned out to be the ultimate selection for the evening.

torn by kobo dress

Its’ always important to find time and spend time  with your significant one. It’s the healthiest way to stay happy and authentic to each other.

just the two of us

A nice bottle of red wine is always a great way to make an evening better and special. Larkmead is our favorite winery from Napa Valley, and sharing this great wine was just amazing.

red wine

Prawn cocktail, also known as shrimp cocktail, is just a perfect Valentine’s appetizer with a cocktail sauce, served in a glass. We enjoyed this light incredible cocktail with a glass of red wine.

prawn cocktail

The Chilean See Bass was perfectly baked with Chipotle sauce and served with steamed asparagus. The See Bass was melting in my mouth. It was so soft and tender that made me want to die.

see bass

For dessert, we had an almond crusted whipped cream in a fruit basket. It was heavenly light and delicious. We could not stop eating it.


We enjoyed our Valentine’s dinner very much. I always love spending quality time with my husband in a small cozy restaurant like Santa Clarita’s The Social where it can be packed with people, but we still feel like we’re the only couple in the room.


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